Season 3, Episode 8: The Women of Qumar

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Aired: Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Rating: 13.8/21


Review by Toniann

Teleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by Felicia Willson & Laura Glasser & Julia Dahl
Directed by Alex Graves

Special guest star Mary-Louise Parker as Amy Gardner

Guest starring
Anna Deavere Smith as Nat'l Security Advisor Nancy McNally
Christian Clemenson as Evan Woodkirk, Smithsonian Curator
Dinah Lenney as Mary Klein, Smithsonian Curator
Ty Burrell as Tom Starks
Bradley White
Bruce Kirby as Barney Lang
Sid Conrad as Ed Ramsey
Bill Erwin as Ronald Cruikshank
Kim Webster as Ginger
Melissa Fitzgerald as Carol
Peter James Smith as Ed
William Duffy as Larry
Fort Atkinson as Grant
Michael Canavan as Flynn
James Hornbeck as Bedrosian
Stan Sellers as Califf
Randolph Brooks as Arthur
Kris Murphy as Katie
Timothy Davis-Reed as Mark
Elizabeth Liang as staffer
Larry Cox as aide
Dean White as aide
Kim Sykes as secretary

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