Season 2, Episode 5: And It's Surely to Their Credit

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Aired: Wednesday, November 1, 2000

Rating: 12.7/19


Review by Rachel

Review by Toniann

Teleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by Kevin Falls & Laura Glasser
Directed by Christopher Misiano

Special guest stars
Stockard Channing as First Lady Abigail Bartlet
John Larroquette as Lionel Tribbey
Guest Starring
Emily Procter as Ainsley Hayes
Tom Bower as General Barrie
Daniel Roebuck as Lieutenant Buckley
Paul Perri as Steve Joyce
Steven Flynn as Mark Brookline
Kathryn Joosten as Mrs. Landingham
NiCole Robinson as Margaret
Melissa Fitzgerald as Carol
Kim Webster as Ginger
Jack Shearer as Engineer
Karen Lockhart as Oeob Staffer
Bradley James as Donnie

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