Season 5, Episode 5: Constituency of One

Aired: Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Rating: 8.7/13

Random thoughts from Toniann


Teleplay by Eli Attie
Story by Eli Attie and Michael Oates Palmer
Directed by Laura Innes

Special guest stars
Mary-Louise Parker as Amelia (Amy) Gardner
Jesse Bradford as Ryan Pierce
Gary Cole as Robert "Bingo Bob" Russell
Tom Skerritt as Senator Chris Carrick (ID Dem.)
Guest starring
NiCole Robinson as Margaret
Renée Estevez as Nancy
Erinn Carter
Melissa Fitzgerald as Carol
Peter James Smith as Ed
William Duffy as Larry
David O. Katz as staffer #1
Jamie Millhoff as staffer #2
Tom W. Chick as Gordon
Joyce Guy as Charlayne
Becky Meister as Sally
Timothy Davis-Reed as Mark
Teresa Huang as Holly
Matthew Lang as staff assistant
Eric Lemler as Nat
Karen Goberman as researcher