Season 5, Episode 4: Han

Aired: Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Rating: 8.1/12


Random thoughts from Toniann


Teleplay by Peter Noah
Story by Peter Noah & Mark Goffman and Paula Yoo
Directed by Christopher Misiano

Special guest stars
Mary-Louise Parker as Amelia (Amy) Gardner
Jesse Bradford as Ryan Pierce
Gary Cole as Robert "Bingo Bob" Russell
Guest starring
Ron Canada as Theodore Barrow, SitRoom Advisor
Christopher Cousins as Rep. Theile
Tony Lee as Jai Yung Ahn
NiCole Robinson as Margaret
Benjamin Brown as Mike
Kim Webster as Ginger
William Duffy as Larry
Peter James Smith as Ed
Kris Murphy as Katie
Randolph Brooks as Lyle
Nathan LeGrand as Commerce Secretary
Ron Marasco as OMB director
Byron Chung as N. Korean handler
Tom Yi as translator
Sean Smith as immigration
Ben Siegler as George
Mary Linda Phillips as Aunt Barbara
Gil Glasgow as Uncle Ted

This episode, which was scheduled to air on October 15th, was pre-empted at the last minute and will now air on October 22nd. NBC explains that: "With such huge baseball competition [on Fox], it didn't make sense for us to air original programming. Strong repeat programming was the way to go."