Season 4, Episode 11: Guns not Butter

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Aired: Wednesday, January 8, 2003

Rating: 9.4/14


Review by Toniann

Written by Eli Attie & Kevin Falls and Aaron Sorkin
Directed by Bill D'Elia

Special guest star Timothy Busfield as Danny Concannon

Guest starring
Elisabeth Moss as Zoey Bartlet
Trent Ford as Jean Paul
Danica McKellar as Elsie Snuffin
Megan Ward
Kiersten Van Horne as Jane Cleery
Pat Skipper as Senator Jimmy Hoebuck
Natsuko Ohama as Dr. Gwendolyn Chen
Christina Grandy as Ellen
Derek Coleman as agent
Ron Ostrow as John
Kris Murphy as Katie
John H. Wan as intern
Timothy Davis-Reed as Mark
Charles Noland as Steve
William Duffy as Larry
Peter James Smith as Ed
Nicole Lyn as Stacy
Kim Webster as Ginger
Jesse Burch as Jay
Mau Barclay as Kelly
Rachel Pearson as Tammy
Bernadette Burgos as hispanic woman
Ramon Luis Estevez as businessman
John Del Regno as chef
Richard Gross as sous chef
Melissa Fitzgerald as Carol
Paul McCarthy-Boyington as goat handler
Gabriel Jarret as Jason

I didn't know C.J.'s goldfish was named Gail.

Time Magazine: Investigating the Power of Prayer

Heifer International

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