4th Season

#1 20 Hours in America
#2 College Kids
#3 The Red Mass
#4 Debate Camp
#5 Game On
#6 Election Night
#7 Process Stories
#8 Swiss Diplomacy
#9 Arctic Radar
#10 Holy Night
#11 Guns not Butter
#12 The Long Goodbye
#13 Inauguration, Part 1
#14 Inauguration Day Part II: Over There
#15 The California 47th
#16 Red Haven's on Fire
#17 Privateers
#18 Angel Maintenance
#19 Evidence of Things Not Seen
#20 Life on Mars
#21 Commencement
#22 25

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#1 20 Hours in America: Aired Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Toby, Josh and Donna get stranded in Indiana when they miss the departing motorcade on the campaign trail. Donna loses her patience with her two travel companions, who keep debating Ritchie vs. Bartlet and not worrying about the issues and the people. Qumar decides to blame Israel for the downing of Qumari Defense Minister Shareef's plane, daring the U.S. to admit that they're responsible. A sleep-deprived Sam staffs the president while Josh is stranded in the midwest. Mallory O'Brien shows up to tell Sam she broke up with her boyfriend. C.J. tries to find a new Big Brother for Anthony Marcus, who has been getting in trouble since his old Big Brother, Simon Donovan, died. Although Charlie doesn't really have the time, he finds himself stepping into Simon's shoes. Abbey is criticized when she responds to a question about her medical license suspension by saying she's just a wife and mother. Bartlet interviews a number of unsatisfactory secretaries, and then finally ends up hiring Debbie Fiderer. Bartlet finds out Debbie was fired from the White House personnel office because she sent Charlie to interview as Bartlet's assistant instead of following her boss's nepotism. Bartlet meets with the first U.S. Congressman of Asian descent. A number of large companies declare bankruptcy and the Dow drops like a stone. Bartlet puts off a photo-op with a man who has shook hands with every president since Hoover because the man shook hands with Hoover the day before the Great Depression started. 44 people are killed when two pipe bombs go off in a midwest university swim arena.

#2 College Kids: Aired Wednesday, October 2, 2002

The president and Leo consult attorney Jordan Kendall about their liability regarding the assassination of Shareef, the Qumar ambassador. In the meantime, Fitzwallace comes up with a plan to mislead the Qumari and keep them from publicly accusing Israel of the crime. Bartlet gives a moving and impromptu speech to teachers. Bartlet agrees to speak at a memorial for the victims of the bombing at Kennison State, but Ritchie tries to weasel in on it. The FBI close in on suspects in the bombing who are holed up in Iowa. After talking to middle-class guy in an airport bar in Indiana, Josh and Toby decide to try to make all college tuition tax-deductible. Ritchie mentions re-examining Title IX and the president prepares to react. Some of Debbie's past comes back to haunt her as she is vetted for security clearance. The staff attends a Rock the Vote rally at the House of Blues in Cambridge, MA, where, amongst others, the Barenaked Ladies and Aimee Mann perform. Josh and Amy run into each other, and even though she admits she misses him, they can't get over their political differences. The staff is shocked when a Federal judge rules that Presidential debates must be open to minor-party candidates. Josh finds out that Stackhouse, instead of supporting Bartlet, plans on entering the debate.

#3 The Red Mass: Aired Wednesday, October 9, 2002

Leo convinces the Israeli foreign minister to cool his heels while the U.S. tries to unmangle the situation with Qumar. Leo is horrified when the Israeli foreign minister's plane goes missing shortly thereafter. Leo subtlely confides in Sam about Qumar and worries about the future of the Middle East. Ritchie sends out advance copy regarding his conservative views on needle exchange to bait Stackhouse, and therefore the president, in the debates. Bartlet's crew fights for five debates against Ritchie, but they only get two, so they make a last ditch effort to make the format better for Bartlet by bargaining with one of the two debates that they have. Charlie forces Anthony to learn more about the law and government by challenging the boy. Donna investigates a motivational speaker who has advised Ritchie in the past. Sam worries that Democratic candidates in strongly Republican areas of the country aren't of the quality that they should be when a candidate in Orange County, CA, Horton Wilde, is felled by a fourth heart attack. The FBI successfully takes out the holed up terrorists in Iowa when it appears that a child trapped in the house is sick. Amy, who is now working with Stackhouse, tries to mend fences with Josh, but it's difficult when they're still working for different camps. Bartlet and much of his staff attend the Red Mass, the Catholic Mass held before the October convening of the Supreme Court. Stackhouse, after continuing to torture Bartlet by staying in the debates, finally decides to back down and endorse the president after hearing a moving speech by Bartlet.

#4 Debate Camp: Aired Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Bartlet and his staff go on a two-day retreat to practice for the upcoming debate. Bartlet worries that he's going to lose him home state of New Hampshire in the election. Sam is still pushing for more Democratic efforts in districts that Democrats usually lose. Sam finds out that Horton Wilde died from his heart attack. Israel attacks Qumar and Bartlet tries to find a peaceful way to keep Qumar from striking back, but he eventually takes Leo's advice and uses force. Josh turns to Amy for help with how to phrase a debate answer about supporting U.S. families. Toby, who has finally gotten his now ex-wife pregnant with twins after years of fertility experiments, is trying to convince his ex-wife Andy to marry him. Bartlet and his staff remember when they were first in office, and some of the mistakes they made, like nominating a man for attorney general who spoke out in support of racial profiling. We see how Donna was duped by her West Wing predecessor into believing that there was a missile silo under the White House, but when Josh made fun of her Donna got her revenge.

#5 Game On: Aired Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Toby, on edge before the debate, becomes the butt of a prank by the president. Even though Jordan tries to reel him in, Leo goes out on a limb to force the Qumari U.N. Ambassador to pull back a boat loaded with weapons headed towards Bahji to help Bahji attack Israel. Sam flies to California to get Will Bailey, Horton Wilde's campaign manager, to stop the post-mortem campaign. Will convinces Sam that the campaign is still worth running, and Sam tells him he'll be his candidate if the campaign actually wins. Toby is still trying to get Andy to marry him, and she's still turning him down. Charlie worries when the president's lucky tie is destroyed before the debate, but Abbey helps Bartlet find a new lucky tie. The debate happens. It's a clear victory for Bartlet, and even Ritchie admits it. Republican Albie Duncan is the foreign policy "spinner" for the president at the debate, and he and C.J. gain a new appreciation for each other.

#6 Election Night: Aired Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Josh, on edge on election day, becomes the butt of a prank by Toby. Toby tries to get Andy to be proactive about announcing her pregnancy to the press when C.J. informs him that the news is getting out. Andy still refuses to marry Toby. They get their first sonogram. Sam is horrified when it looks like Horton Wilde might with in Orange County. On election day, Bartlet finds himself a little shakier than usual. Debbie officially starts work and starts to make some changes around the Oval Office. Donna screws up her Wisconsin absentee ballot and accidentally votes for Ritchie, so she tries to get someone who is about to vote in Washington to switch their vote to Bartlet in exchange. After six hours of trying, she finally convinces a cute lieutenant commander, Jack Reese, to switch his vote, and then finds out that he's about to start work at the White House in Nancy McNally's office. Charlie's "little brother" Anthony brings a football playing friend of his to the White House, and Charlie gets the 19-year-old high school student to vote. Bartlet celebrates a victory at the end of the day.

#7 Process Stories: Aired Wednesday, November 13, 2002

President Bartlet and Abbey try to spend election night romantically celebrating their victory, but they keep getting interrupted. Leo's romantic evening with Jordan Kendall is interrupted by a coup in Venezuela. Jack Reese starts work running when he immediately reports to the Sit Room regarding the situation in Venezuela. Jack and Donna go to the victory party at the White House together. Toby realizes that Andy doesn't want to release the news of her pregnancy because she's itching for a fight. Toby finally tells the Bartlets about the impending twins. Horton Wilde wins in Orange County, and Sam is horrified when his name is announced on the news. Sam prepares to back out of his promise, but Amy, Josh and C.J. urge him to actually run, and he decides to give it a try. C.J. goes after a pollster who is claiming ridiculous amounts of credit for Bartlet's win. Josh can't help but notice Amy in the stunning red dress she's wearing for the victory party.

#8 Swiss Diplomacy: Aired Wednesday, November 20, 2002

The Swiss ambassador approaches Leo with the news that the Iranian ayatollah's son needs a heart and lung transplant, and the U.S. is the only country that can provide it. Bartlet makes it a priority to get the fifteen-year-old boy help, without asking anything in exchange. It turns out that an Iranian doctor, who left Iran after his family was tortured and killed, is the only doctor in the U.S. available who can do the operation. Bartlet convinces the unwilling man to perform the operation on the innocent boy. Sam is upset when he finds out that Will Bailey won't be running his campaign, but Will assures Sam that he has the best staff possible. Toby tries to appoint an ex-congresswoman as National Parks Director to thank her for going out on a limb for the administration and losing her own election because of it. He finds out too late that the president can no longer appoint that position because it's become Senate confirmable. C.J. hears that Andy might get sued for election fraud, and Toby informs her that that's what Andy wants. The minority leader complains to Josh that Hoynes is already lining up precinct captains for the next presidential election in four years. Josh goes to scold Hoynes and tell him to lay off, but it turns out it was actually Bartlet doing the recruiting for Hoynes.

#9 Arctic Radar: Aired Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Sam goes to California to begin his campaign, and interrupts Will's vacation to Italy to send him to Toby who desperately needs help with the Inauguration speech. Toby takes some convincing, but eventually he realizes that Will is not only talented, but is someone with whom he can work. The cabinet members submit their resignations so that the president can decide whether or not to rehire them rather than whether or not to fire them. As much as everyone tells him not to, Bartlet can't not get involved in the case of a female lieutenant commander who is in danger of being dishonorably discharged because she disregarded an order to stop having an affair with a fellow officer who is married. Donna sends Josh to find out if Jack Reese likes her, and while Josh originally botches the job and then manages to convince Jack that he is actually interested in Donna, he finally successfully completes the task and Jack asks Donna out. Leo tries to keep the president from getting involved when the U.N. Secretary General calls to complain about New York City towing diplomats' cars because of unpaid parking tickets. C.J. changes the seating arrangements in the press room for camera angle reasons and enrages a certain news magazine reporter. Josh counsels a Star Trek fan on not wearing her Star Trek pin to work at the White House.

#10 Holy Night: Aired Wednesday, December 11, 2002

As snow falls just before Christmas, Leo and Bartlet are both feeling guilt over Shareef's assassination and each charge Josh with an impossible task. Leo is upset because Israel has closed the Church of the Nativity for Christmas, and Bartlet has decided to re-write the federal budget over the holiday. Toby starts to give a deposition when Andy is sued by a group called Citizens for Full Disclosure. Charlie isn't pleased when Zoey shows up for Christmas with her new boyfriend, Jean Paul, who is French royalty. Josh sort of tries to prevent Donna from getting away for the holiday with her new boyfriend, Jack Reese. Bartlet admits to Stanley Keyworth that he's been spacing out during meetings lately. Toby's dad, reading about Toby's impending twins in the newspaper, comes to visit. Toby initially rebuffs his father's friendly advances, due to his dad's murderous past, but Josh reminds Toby how lucky he is to have a father at all, and Toby at least lets his dad stay the night. Toby, Leo and Bartlet test Will to see if you he'll stand up to leadership. Will takes over Sam's office, but the staffers torture him with bicycles and Sam's campaign posters. Danny Concannon is back in town, and has a scoop on Shareef's assassination. He gives C.J. a heads-up, and C.J. alerts Leo. The Yale Whiffenpoofs perform at the White House and get snowed-in.

#11 Guns not Butter: Aired Wednesday, January 8, 2003

The president's staff is fighting to get a foreign aid bill passed, and they realize that they don't have the votes. Josh sends Donna to physically track down a freshman Democrat senator from Georgia who is hiding so that she won't have to take a call from the president asking her to change her vote. A Republican senator approaches Toby asking for $115,000 to do an NIH study on the medical powers of prayer in exchange for his vote on foreign aid, and Josh actually considers trying to make the deal. Will looks for Josh's help in writing a section of the inauguration on bipartisan cooperation, but Josh is in no mood. C.J. accidentally sets up a photo shoot for the president with a goat, and stashes the goat in Will's office at Josh and Toby's request. Charlie, who is sort of showing off for Zoey in front of Jean Paul, accidentally has the president's office order the Department of Defense to reconsider military families who are eligible for food stamps. Bartlet helps Charlie out, partly because he can't stand Jean Paul. Danny is still investigating the Shareef story.

#12 The Long Goodbye: Aired Wednesday, January 15, 2003

C.J. goes home to Dayton, Ohio for her high school reunion, but what she dreads more than the reunion itself is seeing her father who is suffering from Alzheimer's. Toby struggles with C.J.'s duties while she's gone. C.J. is surprised to find out that her father's third wife has left him, and she convinces her father, after a February fishing excursion, to go see a doctor. Her father, while he admits his condition, refuses to get help leading his life. Luckily, after a stern lecture from C.J., his wife decides to give their marriage another try. C.J. reluctantly attends the reunion after a romantic tryst with an old friend, Marco, and begins to give a speech on The Promise of a Generation. Unfortunately, Toby interrupts her and says she's needed back in DC because of two car bombs found outside U.S. embassies in Asia.

#13 Inauguration, Part 1: Aired Wednesday, February 5, 2003

The week before the president's inauguration, Will Bailey struggles with the foreign policy section of the speech, and a civil war breaks out in the small African country of Kundu. 500 American missionaries are evacuated from Kundu, but the president continues to worry about the natives of the country, as reports of mass casualties and horrifying acts of cruelty make their way to the United States. Bartlet pisses off the Secretary of Defense by secretly sending Jack Reese to get a force depletion report for the scenario of sending troops into Kundu. Donna is distressed when Jack Reese is transferred out of the White House to a far off European location and he can't tell her why. Will Bailey tries to change more than just the language on foreign policy, and researches past public speeches by Bartlet, including one on El Salvador that Bartlet had stricken from the public record many years ago. The president has trouble finding the right bible for his inauguration. Danny continues to pester C.J. about his big story and his missing informant, and C.J. reminds him that she has power over him, sexual as well as political. Josh continues to poorly hide his jealousy of Jack Reese's relationship with Donna. The president and Leo start to worry about the Chief Justice when he starts writing opinions in verse.

#14 Inauguration Day Part II: Over There: Aired Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Will still wants to change foreign policy, and the President ends up agreeing with him, changing the Inaugural speech the day before the Inauguration. Charlie scrambles to find a bible for the President to be sworn in on. Danny continues to pursue his story on Shareef's assassination, and writes a piece on the division between the White House and the Pentagon. When Jack Reese gives a damning quote on his treatment by the White House, Donna tries to take credit for it to help save her boyfriend's career. Toby asks the President to appoint Will his new Deputy Communications Director, and the President does so. Charlie vows to get Zoey back. Bartlet sends troops to Kundu to help the mothers who are blocking tanks with their own bodies.

#15 The California 47th: Aired Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Bartlet sends forces into Kundu and they take over the airport in the capital city, Bitanga. Nzele, the president of Kundu, captures two U.S. Marines and makes outrageous demands for their return. Bartlet tells Nzele to stop the slaughter of innocent people or he'll send in troops for real. Jean Paul, Zoey's new boyfriend, continues to get under the skin of both Charlie and the President. As the west wing prepares to go to California to help support Sam's campaign, the Republicans announce their tax plan, and Sam is horrified when he finds out that Bartlet delayed the announcement of his own plan so as not to disrupt Sam's campaign. Toby and Charlie are arrested after defending Toby's pregnant ex-wife's honor. Donna is photographed meeting with a Communist leader. When it becomes clear that Sam's campaign manager is running the campaign like it's already been lost, it's decided that Toby should take over. Will tries to start managing his speech-writing staff, but they hate him so much that they all quit and leave him with a staff of young inexperienced interns... who are almost all named Lauren.

#16 Red Haven's on Fire: Aired Wednesday, February 26, 2003

The President and Leo, along with Fitz, plan a rescue mission for the Marines kidnapped from Bitanga airport in Kundu. While the missing men's families wait in the White House, the men themselves are successfully rescued, but a retaliatory suicide bombing kills 17 American men in a base in Ghana. Toby and C.J. stay in California to help Sam with his failing campaign, and Abbey travels out to take her husband's place in public appearances while he's distracted with affairs in Kundu. Will rides his speechwriting interns too hard when he's under pressure to produce while Toby is out of town helping Sam. With a nudge from Elsie, Will takes a step back, gives his interns/staff some words of encouragement, and is immediately rewarded with smiles and renewed energy. Josh insults Abbey's chief of staff and encourages the First Lady to get a chief of staff who is more professional. Abbey takes Josh's advice and hires his ex-girlfriend, Amy Gardner.

#17 Privateers: Aired Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Toby is put in a tight position when an old friend says he wants to blow the whistle on his chemical company that has been causing cancer for years and lying to the EPA. Will purposely invites a reprimand from the White House when he speaks out against ignoring global warming after a glacier melts in Alaska and destroys a town. Charlie refuses to stop pursuing Zoey when she asks him to leave her alone because he's making Jean-Paul jealous. Abbey is forced to present a fake award to a contentious woman from Marblehead, MA, when the woman, Marion Cotesworth-Haye, threatens to boycott the Daughters of the American Revolution reception at the White House due to the fact that one of Abbey's ancestors was a privateer. Donna is put in the awkward position of having to follow a DAR and her date at the reception because the Secret Service doesn't trust her date in the White House. Amy has a tough first day as the First Lady's chief of staff when Abbey gives her the impossible task of convincing the president to veto his own foreign aid bill because an anti-abortion gag order has been attached to it. Amy can't get anything to stay on the walls of her office... including her door.

#18 Angel Maintenance: Aired Wednesday, April 2, 2003

As Air Force One returns from a trip to the Phillipines, an indicator light fails and the pilot is unsure whether or not the front landing gear is working. C.J. starts by trying to lie to the press on board that there's a fuel leak, but when an F-16 fighter jet does a fly-by to try to get a visual on the landing gear, her story is blown. She resorts to cutting off the phones in press room. Eventually, the problem is fixed when the pilot simply recycles the landing gear. Josh tries to negotatiate money for Chesapeake Bay cleanup, but the bill gets lost in the politics of the Republicans wanting to get rid of the liberal Congressman in their midst who is working with the White House. The Black Caucus refuses to support the Peacekeeping in Kundu bill if the White House doesn't investigate reintroducing the draft. Bartlet considers not recertifying Colombia as an ally in the war against drugs, but his choice is taken away by a silly deadline. Five soldiers are killed by friendly fire in Kundu due to a computer error. Donna feels like she can be more useful.

#19 Evidence of Things Not Seen: Aired Wednesday, April 23, 2003

A lawyer named Joe Quincy interviews for the position in the Counsel's Office vacated by Ainsley Hayes, and Josh is surprised to find out that there is yet another Republican applying for this position. The President, on Leo's advice, tries to negotiate the return of a crashed American spy plane in Russia by deciving the Russian president, but ends up being truthful instead. The West Wing goes into lockdown after three shots are fired from the sidewalk into the Press Room. The staff plays poker. Zoey tells Charlie that she's going to France for three months with Jean-Paul. C.J. insists that she can make an egg stand up on end on the Equinox. The staff finds out that Will is in the Navy Reserves as a JAG lawyer, and he is working on a ridiculous case involving a meteor mistaken for a North Korean missile bound for Connecticut.

#20 Life on Mars: Aired Wednesday, April 30, 2003

On Joe Quincy's first day in the White House Counsel's Office, he barely has time to settle into his basement steam-pipe office before C.J. assigns him to track down the legality of an unusual press leak. Joe follows the vague path from a science reporter to a gossip columnist to a socialite to the Vice-President, and realizes that the Vice-President has been having an affair and bragging to his lover about classified things. The Vice-President chooses to resign rather than weather the storm. A bird follows Donna and taps on windows. Will tries to come up with counter-ads for the Republicans' ads regarding fuel emmissions.

#21 Commencement: Aired Wednesday, May 7, 2003

Josh starts making a list of possibilities for a new vice-president, and really wants to put Leo at the top of it. Amy Gardner begins to wonder if Donna has romantic feelings for Josh. The military is high alert because five possible Bahji sleeper agents have disappeared and they fear for the safety of the Pacific Northwest U.S. Danny finally finds a connection between the U.S. and Shareef's death, but C.J. and Leo convince him to hold off on the story for three days until they secure the Northwest. Toby buys Andy her dream house and proposes to her, but she turns him down flat... and then goes into labor with the twins. Will helps the President put together a last-minute speech for Zoey's Georgetown graduation. Zoey and Charlie are both surprised when the other remembers to show up at the National Arboretum to drink champagne after her graduation... a promise they made eachother four years earlier. Later, at a techno club, Zoey tries to call off her trip to France with Jean Paul, but Jean Paul has spiked her drink with ecstasy and she can't concentrate. Zoey goes to the bathroom and disappears, leaving a dead secret service agent behind.

#22 25: Aired Wednesday, May 14, 2003

The news of Zoey's kidnapping travels fast, and a ransom note arrives demanding the release of Bajhi prisoners in Pakistan and the removal of U.S. troops from Qumar. Fitzwallace prepares an attack on Bahji camps in Qumar while the president realizes that he must turn the executive power of the U.S. over to the Speaker of the House, a Republican, since there is no current Vice-President. Speaker Glenallen Walken makes his presence immediately known in the oval office. Toby quickly learns what it means to be a father when his twins, Huck and Molly, are born.

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