Documentary Special

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Aired: Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Rating: 10.3/16

Review by Toniann

Interview material by William Couturie
and Eli Attie & Felicia Willson
Directed by William Couturie

Section titles
Half of a Windowless Closet
Ride the Sizzler
A Pride of Lions
The Blood Sport of Washington
Room Up On Mount Rushmore
Truth to Power
A Very Human Place
The interviews
Gene Sperling
White House Chief Economic Advisor
Clinton Administration
"To have an office in the West Wing, I would take half of a windowless closet... and that's pretty much what they gave me."

Dee Dee Myers
White House Press Secretary
Clinton Administration

Marlin Fitzwater
White House Press Secretary
Reagan/G.H.W. Bush Administrations

Peggy Noonan
Presidential Speechwriter
Reagan Administration

Betty Currie
Personal Secretary to the President
Clinton Administration

Ken Duberstein
White House Chief of Staff
Reagan Administration

President Jimmy Carter
39th President of the United States
"Quite often, very articulate people would come into the Oval Office to ask a favor, and when they got there they couldn't speak."
"It's an exhilirating and challenging and unpredictable and adventurous and gratifying life, being President."

David Gergen
White House Advisor
Nixon/Ford/Reagan/Clinton Administrations

Michelle Crisci Meyercord
Special Assistant
Clinton Administration
"You think, okay, we'll go by the picnic for a few hours... and you get in line and you ride the Sizzler with Alan Greenspan and you think, this job is crazy."

Leon Panetta
White House Chief of Staff
Clinton Administration

Paul Begala
Counselor to the President
Clinton Administration

Kris Engskov
Aide to the President
Clinton Administration

Karl Rove
Senior Advisor to the President
George W. Bush Administration

President Gerald R. Ford
38th President of the United States

President William J. Clinton
42nd President of the United States
"The day I walked out of the White House I was more idealistic than the day I walked in."

Dr. Henry Kissinger
Secretary of State/National Security Advisor
Nixon/Ford Administrations

TV Guide Online: Why Bush Refused West Wing Invite - Tonight's documentary-style episode of The West Wing features interviews with real-life White House insiders. George Bush – the 41st prez and daddy of Dubya – isn't one of them. "George Bush Sr. said no to us," reveals exec producer Thomas Schlamme.... 'West Wing' talks to the real presidents - How real is "The West Wing"? And how much closer to real-world politics will it dare to venture? The first question may be answered, in part, by an episode Wednesday that mixes scenes from three seasons of the NBC White House drama with recollections of past and present occupants....

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