Season 3, Episode 17: Stirred

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Because I could die.

Aired: Wednesday, April 3, 2002

Rating: 11.4/18


Review by Toniann

Teleplay by Aaron Sorkin & Eli Attie
Story by Dee Dee Myers
Directed by Jeremy Kagan

Special guest star Tim Matheson as Vice President John Hoynes

Guest starring
David Dunard as alcoholic politician
Randy Oglesby as alcoholic politician
Felton Perry as alcoholic politician
NiCole Robinson as Margaret
Jim Jansen as HUD Secretary Bill Fisher
Kim Webster as Ginger
Tim Van Pelt as Harry
William Duffy as Larry
Peter James Smith as Ed Nevada nuclear dump foes welcome West Wing episode about waste mishap

Michelle from points out that Beowulf was, in fact, written in Old English (AKA Anglo-Saxon) and not Middle English (the language of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and, in contrast to Anglo-Saxon, at least potentially accessible to a modern English speaker).

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