Quotes from Jefferson Lives

Toby: I'm over the moon. This is my over the moon face.

C.J.: You look spiffy.
Toby: You could loook spiffy too if you ever went home.

Josh: First lady pissed?
Amy: She's... her attention is elsewhere.
Josh: That's probably good.
Amy: Yeah, not really.
Josh: She'd get worked up, and I doubt she could do a whole lot about it.
Amy: She could do plenty.
Josh: Then it's a damn shame.
Amy: There's a future for you in motivational speaking.

Amy: Not my forte – waiting.
Josh: You have other fortes.
Amy: What's that supposed to mean?
Josh: Nothing. I didn't mean that.
Amy: You absolutely meant that.
Josh: Okay, maybe I did.
Amy: Be careful what you start.

Debbie: Mrs. Bartlet, I can't tell you how hard I prayed for you.
Abbey: I appreciate that.
Debbie: Well, you shouldn't. I'm not very religious, so there's the risk that my praying could be taking as insincere or even an affront, which, if there's a vengeful God, could have made matters worse.
Abbey: Well, it didn't, so maybe there's a clue.

Berryhill: In my heart of hearts, I'm spoiling for a fight.

Toby: We can't confirm Berryhill.
C.J.: We can't?
Will: We're having trouble with the Democrats.
C.J.: Wow, along with the Republicans, that's kind of everyone.

Charlie: Sir, do you have a moment?
Bartlet: You don't want to be Vice President, do you?
Charlie: No, sir.
Bartlet: Then you can stay.

C.J.: You read Berardi's resignation? "Violence is the last resort of civilized nations. Violence wrapped in secrecy is the choice of thugs."

Bartlet: This place is full of surprises.

Bob: I wear these boots, uh... oh, I could give you some crap about remembering my roots, but I wear these because I've got flat feet and they don't hurt my arches.

Bartlet: Two-hundred and twenty-seven years ago a bunch of guys got together on the 4th of July and decided, because they didn't have any cherry bombs, they would declare some self-evident truths.
Leo: Fed up with democracy, are we?

Leo: You didn't want to fight?
Bartlet: I did want to fight. But the coutnry needs a president who's doing their work, and since they put their trust in a guy whose mortality is showing, they deserve a chain of command that's irrefutable.

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