Quotes from Evidence of Things Not Seen

Josh: I miss Ainsley. That's who the Counsel's office should get to fill that position, another Ainsley... a sexy conservative with first rate law credentials and a strange name.

Bartlet: This phone call that you're gonna set up with Chigorin, it's like for the White House bloopers reel or something?

Donna: This guy...?
Josh: Yeah?
Donna: There are some who'd consider him handsome. I don't personally, 'cause you're the only one I think is handsome.
Josh: Uh huh.
Donna: But for the sake of appearances, here around the office, so that people wouldn't suspect, I'd pretend I thought this guy was handsome if you hired him. Of course, all along it'd be a lie 'cause of how handsome you are... and powerful.
Josh: Your sense of humor is a bit of high-wire act, isn't it? You're really trying to thread the needle.
Donna: And half of it you don't even get.

C.J.: He wants to know if the President wants to say something funny.
Carol: "That's twice in four years, some of you must be really mad at me?"
C.J.: Something funnier than that, but, yeah.

C.J.: I thought my reflexes before, in the Press Room, were cat-like.

C.J.: The substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

Toby: Why on most other nights do you thing the world's going to hell in a hula hoop, but tonight...
C.J.: We dip twice and eat gelfite fish?
Toby: Suzy Creamcheese, do not attempt the Hagaddah.
C.J.: I know how to bless the soup too.

Zoey: I was just going to call you.
Charlie: Were you?
Zoey: Yeah.
Charlie: To say you wanted to get back together again?
Zoey: To make sure you were alive.
Charlie: Well, that's a step in my direction.

Zoey: Sorry you got shot at again.

Josh: You're a Republican.
Joe: Yes.
Josh: Whoah.
Donna: Joe, it's fine. Ainsley Hayes was a Republican.
Josh: It is not fine.
Donna: Why not?
Josh: 'Cause if you're a Republican, you better damn well look like Ainsley Hayes.
Donna: He does! He will to others.

Josh: Why haven't you signed the questionnaire?
Joe: Because I can't.
Josh: You lied on it?
Joe: Yeah.
Josh: Which question?
Joe: 75. "Have you ever done something that would reflect poorly on the President?"
Josh: What'd you do?
Joe: I didn't vote for him.
Donna: That's really very sweet.

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