Season 3, Episode 3: Ways and Means

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Aired: Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Rating: 14.0/22


Review by Toniann

Teleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by Eli Attie & Gene Sperling
Directed by Alex Graves

Special guest stars
Oliver Platt as Oliver Babish
Ron Silver as Bruno Gianelli
Emily Procter as Ainsley Hayes
Guest starring
Connie Britton as Connie Tate
Evan Handler as Doug Wegland
Mark Feuerstein as Cliff Calley
Miguel Sandoval as Victor Campos
NiCole Robinson as Margaret
Nicholas Pryor as Clement Rollins
Thom Barry as Rep. Mark Richardson (D)
Edmund L. Shaff as Rep. Randall Thomas (R)
Jana Lee Hamblin as Bobbi
Devika Parikh as Bonnie
Melissa Fitzgerald as Carol
Kim Webster as Ginger
Timothy Davis-Reed as Mark
Charles Noland as Steve
Max Chalawsky as Kinnis
Felix Solis as Hammaker
Andrea C. Robinson as Barbara
Tom McCarthy as Thomas
Lewis Grenville as reporter
Stephanie Cantu as reporter
Nadia Axakowsky as reporter

All those names that were mentioned at the beginning:
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