Season 3, Episode 21: Posse Comitatus

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Season finale

Aired: Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Rating: 11.1/17


Review by Toniann

Written by Aaron Sorkin
Directed by Alex Graves

Special guest stars
Adam Arkin as Stanley Keyworth
Mary-Louise Parker as Amy Gardner
Mark Harmon as Simon Donovan
Lily Tomlin as Deborah Fiderer
James Brolin as Governor Rob Ritchie
John Amos as Admiral Percy Fitzwallace
Guest starring
Kurt Fuller
Michael O'Neill as Ron Butterfield
David Huddleston
Armin Shimerman
NiCole Robinson as Margaret
Renée Estevez as Nancy
Andrew McFarlane as Anthony Donovan
William Thomas, Jr.
Fred Sanders
Glenn Morshower as Peter, State Dept. civilian advisor
Thomas Kopache as SitRoom Civilian Advisor
Wren T. Brown
Ken Thorley
Basil Hoffman
Melissa Fitzgerald as Carol
Al No'mani as Shareef
Al Faris as translator
John David Conti as Howell
Nate Reese as Cantwell
Paul Norwood as Bristol
Randolph Brooks as Arthur
Mindy Seeger as Chris
Kris Murphy as Katie
Timothy Davis-Reed as Mark
Charles Noland as Steve
S.E. Perry as marine officer
Heidi Anderson as waitress
William Dennis Hunt as Duke of York
Jeanie Hacket as Queen Margaret
Orlando Seale as Young Clifford
Douglas Weston as Bedford
Adrian Diamond as young boy
Joshua Wolf Coleman as chorus
Charles Currier as chorus
Russell Edge as chorus
Joshua Fardon as chorus
Richard Gould as chorus
Rob Nagle as chorus
Kevin Owers as chorus
Graham Shiels as chorus
Richard Soto as chorus
Glenn Kubota as grocer
Karen Tsen Lee as reporter
Ted Koch as reporter
Mark Gerald Douglas as agent
Lisa Datz as agent
James Villani as thug
Featured music
"Hallelujah," written by Leonard Cohen, performed by Jeff Buckley, from the album "Grace"

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This episode was nominated for Emmy Awards for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series and Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series.

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