Season 2, Episode 22: Two Cathedrals

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Aired: Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Rating: 14.1/22


Review by Rachel

Review by Toniann

Written by Aaron Sorkin
Directed by Thomas Schlamme

Special guest star Stockard Channing as First Lady Abigail Bartlet

Guest starring
Anna Deveare Smith as Nat'l Security Advisor Nancy McNally
Kirsten Nelson as young Mrs. Landingham
Jason Widener
Don McManus
NiCole Robinson as Margaret
Lawrence O'Donnell, Jr.
Gregalan Williams
John Bennett Perry
Melissa Fitzgerald as Carol
Devika Parikh as Bonnie
William Duffy as Larry
Peter James Smith as Ed
Kim Webster as Ginger
Patrick Thomas O'Brien as Hanson
Christopher Murray as Tony Phillips
Shelley Malil as Renfro
Angel Tiffe as Greenway
Jane Lynch as reporter in briefing room
Charles Noland as reporter
E.E. Bell as advisor #2
Robert A. Becker as Monohan
Trevor Eddy as young Bartlet's friend
Doris McMillon as Sandy
Ivan Allen as news anchor
Lewis Grenville as reporter
Wendy Poole as staffer
Featured music
"Brothers in Arms" by Dire Straits

Interesting that Kathryn Joosten wasn't in the credits anywhere as Mrs. Landingham.

This episode won an Emmy for Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Series.

This episode was nominated for a Writers Guild of America award.

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