Season 2, Episode 2: In the Shadow of Two Gunmen Part 2

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Aired: Wednesday, October 4, 2000

Rating: (combined with Part 1) 16.3/25


Full synopsis

Review for both parts by Rachel

Review for both parts by Toniann

Written by Aaron Sorkin
Directed by Thomas Schlamme

Special guest stars
Stockard Channing as First Lady Abigail Bartlet
Timothy Busfield as Danny Concannon
Guest starring
Elisabeth Moss as Zoey Bartlet
Michael O'Neill as Ron Butterfield
NiCole Robinson as Margaret
Grace Zabriskie as Isobel
Allen Garfield as Roger Becker
Guest starring
Peter White as Mr. Gage
Ernie Lively as Mr. Loch
Jody Wood as Mr. Cameron
Melissa Fitzgerald as Carol
Devika Parikh as Bonnie
Sean Moran as Dr. Holbrook
Garrett Wright as skinhead
Penny Griego as DC anchor
Richard Saxton as Boston anchor
Warner Saunders as Chicago anchor
Kris Murphy as Katie
Randolph Brooks as Arthur
Charles Nolan as reporter
Laurie Hendler as lawyer
Harris Mann as lawyer #2
Andy Brewster as Isobel's assistant
Chad McKnight as aide #5
Larry Carroll as TV announcer

This episode won an Emmy for Outstanding Single-Camera Sound Mixing for a Series.

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