Review of In the Shadow of Two Gunmen

Written by Toniann

  • Has anyone else watched it more than once already? I couldn't resist. I literally rewound my tape and starting watching again as soon as it was over.

  • Comment from my mother, a TWW fan herself, "Aw, I didn't want it to be Josh. Couldn't it have been someone else, I dunno, some random red-shirt wearing extra?"

  • Did anyone catch what Mrs. Landingham was saying right before they heard about the shooting? She was talking about Bartlet's inability to walk past a rope line, and she started to tell a story that began, "I remember a time, back at the Governor's mansion..." This would indicate to me that Mrs. Landingham works for Bartlet, and came to the White House with him (as per earlier discussions on this topic).

  • One word: Verizon!

  • I was surprised it took as long as it did for anyone to realize that Charlie was the real target. In the opening scenes, I couldn't believe he was running around without protection. Speaking of, how's *that* going to work from now on? The president's bodyman will have security? I hope they spend some more time on the Charlie/Zoe angle soon.

  • As others have mentioned, I kept wishing someone would comfort Donna; thank goodness for Mrs. Landingham. Still, I was thinking that these people could offer each other a little more physical support. Imagine my surprise when it's cranky, crusty ol' *Toby* who breaks the hug barrier. I love that guy.

  • Names. Didn't we determine, in some earlier episode, that CJ's first name is Claudia? Doesn't Josh call her that at some point? And yet, doesn't Bartlet refer to her as Cynthia (when he's talking to Josh in the airport)? Or, am I just misremembering?

    And last, but not least:
  • Was anyone else really grossed out when the shooter put his cigarette out in that sunny-side up egg? Yuck.

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