Syndicated episodes on Bravo

The cable network Bravo airs old syndicated episodes of The West Wing.
Here is a tentative schedule:

Thur. Aug. 3 7pm College Kids (S4)
Mon. Aug. 7 2pm The Ticket (S7)
Mon. Aug. 7 3pm The Mommy Problem (S7)
Mon. Aug. 7 4pm Message of the Week (S7)
Mon. Aug. 7 5pm Mr. Frost (S7)
Mon. Aug. 7 6pm Here Today (S7)
Tue. Aug. 8 7pm The Ticket (S7)
Thur. Aug. 10 7pm The Mommy Problem (S7)
Mon. Aug. 14 7pm Message of the Week (S7)
Tue. Aug. 15 7pm Mr. Frost (S7)