The West Wing Script Book Edited by Aaron Sorkin - Pre-order your copy now!

First-time publication of 8 full scripts from the hit NBC show-winner of 9 Emmy. Awards, including Best Drama writing-selected and introduced by the acclaimed show creator and screenwriter of The American President and A Few Good Men. Here is the first collection of scripts from the show's first two seasons, including the Emmy. Award-winning episode "In Excelsis Deo." The NBC show, named "TV Show of the Year" by Entertainment Weekly, stars Rob Lowe, Dule Hill, Allison Janney, Janel Moloney, John Spencer, Richard Schiff, Bradley Whitford, and Martin Sheen. Reviewers and fans of The West Wing agree that one of the very best aspects of this series is its writing, which blends an unstoppable sense of urgency with strong character development against the background of the day-to-day activities of the highest office in the country. In this book, readers can revisit their favorite episodes, following the fictional American President Bartlet and his key White House staff, his family, and the press as they deal with the urgencies of the moment. As compelling to read as they are to watch, these scripts represent the most complete source for the writers' and creators' visions. 20 b/w photos.

Inside the West Wing by Paul Challen - Shipping now!

In Inside the West Wing, author Paul Challen takes a detailed look at this hugely popular series: how it`s put together, what ideas and political themes drive its plots, and ultimately, why it`s so popular. Through in-depth interviews, commentary from political and entertainment-industry observers, plus extensive searches of the numerous official and un-official show Web sites available in cyberspace, Challen provides a comprehensive look inside the show for die-hard fans and casual watchers alike. To round out the package, Inside the West Wing also contains actor profiles, and an episode-by-episode guide to the first two seasons.

Paul Challen is a writer with TV Times and Post-TV magazines, and writes regularly on pop culture and sports for magazines, newspapers, and radio in Canada and the U.S. His last book was Get Dutch! A Biography of Elmore Leonard, published by ECW in 2000.

Look for an interview with Rachel in the book.

The West Wing : The Official Companion by Ian Jackman and Paul Ruditis - Shipping Now!

Step inside the Bartlet Administration in this richly detailed, perfectly imagined official companion to television's most sophisticated dramatic series, The West Wing. Created by Aaron Sorkin, The West Wing won nine Emmy. Awards, the Humanitas Prize, the Peabody Award, and three Television Critics Association Awards in its first season alone -- and is acclaimed for its superb writing, marvelous portrayals by a stellar cast, and an intelligent, authentic depiction of White House life. Now, the show that has set television's new standard brings you this insider's guide -- which not only presents fascinating details into how groundbreaking television is made, but captures the colorful world of The West Wing and the nation's capital under the Bartlet Administration.

The prestigious Peabody Award cited The West Wing as "a magnificent episodic series that depicts the tension and back-room drama of presidential politics with an unusual mixture of maturity and humanity." Now, experience the excitement and authenticity of The West Wing as never before, with this unique, in-depth tribute.

Interested in knowing how the real West Wing works?

Buck Up, Suck Up... and Come Back When You Foul Up by James Carville and Paul Begala

Members of Bill Clinton's famed "War Room," Carville and Begala share 12 rules they developed while running successful campaigns and working in the White House with President Clinton. These rules include: "Don't Quit," "Turn Weakness into Strength," along with "Kiss Ass," and "Know how to recover when you really screw up."

The White House Staff : Inside the West Wing and Beyond by Bradley H. Patterson, Jr.

The Executive Branch has undergone vast and dramatic changes over the past fifty years. The development, coordination, and articulation of policy is no longer in the Cabinet, but has now become centered in the White House and in its large and energetic staff.

How large is that staff? Much larger than the seventy-five people who work in the West Wing, or the ninety-six who staff the Executive Residence. In fact, there are one hundred twenty-five separately identifiable offices in the total White House staff community (above and beyond the Executive Office)-employing nearly 5,700 men and women. Shrouded in anonymity, protected by executive privilege, and lacking legal or constitutional authority of their own, White House staff members shape, focus, and amplify the presidential power. Yet the public has almost no perception of the staff's complexity or size. Why has the staff become so central-and so large? How is it organized and what do those one hundred twenty-five offices actually do? In this sequel to his critically praised 1988 book, Ring of Power, veteran White House staff member Bradley Patterson takes us inside the closely guarded turf of the White House to reveal the pressures, the frustrations, and the exultation of White House service. In a straightforward narrative free of both partisan and personal agendas, Patterson provides an encyclopedic description of the contemporary White House staff and its operations.

Bradley H. Patterson Jr. has lived and worked in Washington for 55 years, fourteen of them in the White House, where he served on the staffs of three presidents. He has worked in the Department of State, the Peace Corps, the Treasury Department, and the Brookings Institution. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago and of the National War College. A senior fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration, he is past president of the American Society for Public Administration.

Check out the Music from The West Wing's Music director

Music by... W.G. Snuffy Walden

Includes the Main Title track from The West Wing as well as The West Wing Suite

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A Few Good Men (Special Edition) on DVD or VHS

First written as a Broadway play, Aaron Sorkin adapted his script into a blockbuster movie starring Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore, Kevin Bacon and many more. This special edition of the DVD has a commentary track by Sorkin and director Rob Reiner.

The American President on DVD or VHS

The original inspiration for "The West Wing." The original script was so long that Sorkin was able to fashion much of the first season of the West Wing out of scenes cut from this movie. The cast includes Martin Sheen as the President's chief of staff. The movie stars Michael Douglas and Annette Benning as the President and the woman with whom he falls in love.