Random Thoughts on Talking Points

Written by Toniann

  • Is anyone else disappointed that we never got to see those tractors in Brussels? Apparently like the Communications Workers of America, they know how to communicate -- nothing says "look at me" like a couple hundred tractors. All joking aside, heck, good for them.
  • Carol made a little "Professor in Chief" quip about the president that, for the first time, I thought was well-deserved in the derogatory sense. Usually Bartlet's little tidbits of esoteric info are at least kind of amusing. This episode I was sleeping.
  • Advance press for this episode went on at some length about our new Deputy NSA, Kate something or other, played by, I believe, Mary McCormack -- and why, exactly? She had one scene where she got on Debbie Fiderer's bad side (and I somehow feel she'll be regretting that later -- right or wrong, pissing off the executive secretary at hello isn't very smart), and another quick scene where she didn't make the president all that happy. A mere blink of an eye in an entire episode. I had misleading press.
  • Speaking of the press, poor CJ, you know, she was running around like Paul Revere yelling that the British were coming, and everyone was just nodding and going back to their pudding. Frustrating.
  • On the other hand, man, she is *bad* in relationships. What was all that nonsense she was giving Ben about not needing to see him every 36 hours or something? You know, the stuff she said that made her look like an idiot when it turned out she was just returning all of her ID and other various and sundry necessities? Listen, as a member of the sisterhood I adore the woman, but she'd better hang onto Ben because he seems to be able to see through her strange relationship insanity.
  • Ah, Fitz, you old polecat, you old muckety-muck. I'll take any excuse to bring him back. Now, if they could somehow whip up a scene with him and Nancy going toe to toe like they used to, I'll be a happy girl.
  • Commercial break: I still don't know what miracle drug Crestor is supposed to do for me, but I'm oddly compelled to ask my doctor for it simply because it was Patrick Stewart telling me to do so. That man speaks, and I want to run away to England.
  • So, Joshua, Josh, Josh, as Donna once said. Kind of a quandary. It's hard to do a job you deep-down, in your gut disagree with. I think Josh agrees with most of the president's policies, but this is one where he's obviously working against his own beliefs. That's difficult. I know for a fact I can't do it; I tried. There's something to be said for serving in the capacity for which you were hired, and then there's following your own heart, and never the twain shall meet, I suppose. Criminal lawyers, politicians, all kinds of people face this kind of situation every day, I'm sure. Sort of roughly put by Ryan the intern, the trick, apparently, is to not let your own opinion enter into the transaction, and focusing instead on the job that it's your duty to do. My feeling is that it's much easier said than done, and I give credit to those that can manage it.
  • Ryan the intern no more, apparently, and legislative director instead. Hmm. Well, we should have seen that coming.
  • I confess I thought the Josh/Donna disagreement was pretty annoying nonsensical, mostly because he was being unnecessarily difficult. His argument against taking her with him ("I'll just grab someone there") was pretty flimsy, whereas the idea of taking your assistant along to, well, assist you is a no-brainer. In the end he came round, but it was a long way to go for a simple resolution. The thing is, I don't need to spoilers to tell me that they've obviously been trying to build up to something with Donna wanting to move up in the ranks, possibly not work for Josh anymore. Personally, I'm caught on a stumbling block that as much as I like her, we've been told that Donna didn't finish college. It seems to me that if she wants to go above the assistant level, that might be a problem. Also, I can't help but wonder if this isn't motivated by a desire to go somewhere with the idea of a Josh/Donna romance, by making it so that she doesn't work for him anymore.
  • Lastly, as for free trade... I leave that discussion to smarter economic minds than I possess. :)
  • "I don't wear cardigans, but I do like a nice drill bit."

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