Random Thoughts on Eppur Si Muove

Written by Toniann

  • Whoever they got to do the phone call from Congressman Bentley's office was great -- the whole thing sounded eerie as all get out.
  • Anyone from the DC area familiar with the restaurant CJ and Ben were supposed to go to, apparently named "1789"?
  • I think it's sort of funny that CJ doesn't know how to wear perfume, but I think it's even funnier that Toby was convinced it was Obsession and Leo thought it was White Shoulders. I don't have that discerning a nose and wear neither, for what it's worth, but there was this account doing an audit in out office last week, and frankly, I had to ask that they have her work in another part of the building. Not only was the overwhelming cloud of perfume making me, and my volunteers, ill, but I was starting to become seriously concerned that it was seeping into the books. Which, you know, has nothing to do with the show.
  • Speaking of CJ, I really kind of hope she does work things out with Ben, but I had a feeling she was going about it all the wrong way. I mean, obviously he must want to start things up again (if not, he's put on a good show of wanting exactly that) but she did kind of jump the gun on him. So to speak. I mean, whew.
  • So, Rena has a daughter? You know, I kind of like the character, shizzle and all, but I swear to God, if they turn this into a romance with her and Toby, I'm going to shoot somebody.
  • Is it me, or does the show seem to be chock full of Russert references lately?
  • Throughout the 6th Circuit subplot with Josh, I have to tell you, all I kept thinking was, "Eric Hayden, take the Georgetown Dean position!!" I mean, I'm not in the field and I don't have political or jurist aspirations, obviously, but it seems to me that'd be a nice gig. Prestigious. Shaping young minds and all that. Plus, I have this thing about Deans. They all seem so lofty. I would love to be a Dean.
  • I am glad that Ellie decided to speak out, in the end. I felt her father was right in urging her to do so, but for the wrong reasons. Not because she's part of a political family and she's expected to, but because she owes it to her own work, and the people she works with, to take advantage of the opportunity to do so. It was a nice moment, and I've really grown to like her character. I don't know what happened this season; we heard all about how eldest daughter Elizabeth and her family were supposed to be front and center, and we saw them, like, twice. Instead now we're seeing more of Ellie, and that's okay with me.
  • For what it's worth, Ellie's right about Galileo: it's highly unlikely that after being forced to recant his life's work, he said anything as antagonistic (though justified) as "Still, it moves" (or "But it does move", depending on your translation) -- out loud. But -- I'm quite certain he thought it. :)
  • The "whodunit" plot of this episode -- starting with the call to Dr. Foy's lab and ending with Will learning the truth of who leaked the information and why -- started out interesting, but at some point I felt I would have enjoyed it more with flow charts and an easel, maybe some info from Encyclopedia Britannica from Ed & Larry.
  • Having said that, my favorite line of the night was when Josh said something about "moralistic dogma replacing the scientific method". Hmmm...
  • Whoever made the comment about government grant applications (I think it was Bartlet) and how it's a good thing Einstein didn't have to fill one out, or we'd never have found out what e equaled -- that cracked me up. As someone who has filled out a state grant or two in her time, I can attest to the truth in that statement. It's like a maze of red tape. You honestly start getting the feeling that it's all just an elaborate Mensa puzzle, and no one really reads the damn things, they just want to see if you can get through them.
  • My spell checker is not recognizing "bloviate" as a word, blast it.
  • So, where was Ryan? Donna kind of got me curious and we never did find the guy, did we? He's not really going to turn up dead... I mean, wow, that wouldn't be funny.
  • I find myself wondering what Will Bailey is going to do. I've been a staunch supporter of his and I still am, but I'm not sure, from his reaction to Russell, and the final scene, that he's going to be able to stomach this turn of events. I've liked Russell thus far, too, but if this is the direction they're going to take him in, that may change. Apparently we're not supposed to like Russell. Heck, let's get a new VP again, what the hell.
  • I have to confess, I thought having the Sesame Street gang on was going to be the highest form of cornball, and it turned out to be rather fun. From CJ's silent scene with Big Bird (priceless) to Debbie resigning herself to the idea that the Muppets (including Kermit) weren't going to be there, to Elmo's tongue-in-cheek physical, I thought it was a hoot. Plus, let's face it, Sesame Street is one of the best programs to ever exist on television, period.
  • "You have a handsome man in your doorway."

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