Random Thoughts on Full Disclosure

Written by Toniann

  • Will is the fastest URL typist in the West... Wing (bad pun, I know). Seriously, he get to that site fast. I wonder what kind of connection they use at the White House? I would assume they're on the fastest lines possible, but then again, weren't we hearing a lot a few years back about the FBI computer system being woefully outdated? So, who knows.
  • Speaking of technology, I have to jump ahead a little bit and mention that I was tickled to see CJ's reporter friend leaving a Zip disk behind. I was waiting for her to yell after him, "But wait... nobody uses zip disks anymore!" Luckily, she had that handy-dandy portable drive. And yes, I know, before you jump down my throat, plenty of people do still use zip drives. They're not remotely outdated. There's some *other* reason I have a box full of once-ludicrously-expensive blank disks languishing in a drawer, apparently so out of demand I can't give them away for a penny on eBay. On the other hand, most people I know use USB key drives for portable files, and honestly I wouldn't want to leave mine behind anywhere, even if it was a smooth undercover-story-leaking move. So dramatically, I guess the zip disk was better, presuming the story wouldn't have fit on a floppy (though, there must have been graphics, then). Okay, I'll end the really geeky section of the review now, I promise.
  • I guess the Hoynes news really did throw CJ off her game, while on Taylor Reid's show, because honestly, I thought if she had just stayed haughty and hammered home the idea that she isn't privy to private conversations between the president and the vice-president, she would have come out looking less, well, bad.
  • This week's "Where the heck are Bonnie & Ginger?!" was brought to you by the French, still number one in the lingerie business.
  • Is there some reason Leo has to be snotty to Will? I get why Toby is still grumpy with him -- I think it's stupid, but I get it. What the hell is Leo's problem? I think it's perfectly reasonable that the current Vice President would want to be involved in whatever is being done to deal with allegations from the former Vice President, who is obviously now planning to run against him in the next election... but Leo got all knobby about Will saying so. Geesh.
  • Before I forget, here's the thing: is there *any* believability to the idea that a Vice President could need to resign his office in the wake of a sex scandal that also featured his disclosing state secrets, and then, just a couple of years later, remotely dream of getting elected again? I mean, maybe I'm missing something, but isn't it really pretty close to impossible that he'd have anything other than an ice cube's chance in hell?
  • They want to close Fort Drum?! I'm fairly certain my brother-in-law is sent there about twenty times a year, so they're obviously still using it for something.
  • Did Josh wake up this season and find himself completely incompetent? I mean, he fixed his big screw-up earlier on in the year, but I was a little surprised he made that mistake in the first place. Now, he's belligerent without being reasonable far too often, all we ever see him doing with Donna is give her orders, and he apparently needs Ryan Pierce to know how to do his job for him. I honestly have to say, I don't like what they're doing to his character lately.
  • I can't believe CJ cancelled on Tim Russert. Hey! He's our hometown guy here in Buffalo, I love Tim.
  • Was the DC Mayor the same guy who was on the X-Files? I couldn't quite tell. I kind of liked that subplot, mostly because it involved Charlie (though you could sort of guess it was going to, from the get-go -- but that's another thing altogether) and I have been complaining that Charlie doesn't have enough to do lately. On the other hand, without expressing my *own* views about school vouchers, I do have to comment that this smelled a little bit like a "we're trying to appeal to the country's political climate more" kind of thing.
  • Lastly, I honestly don't know what to say about CJ and Hoynes. It's complete revisionist history; I won't believe in a million years that the writers ::cough:: Sorkin ::cough:: every had this in the back of their minds before, even if they try to claim that's so. There's never been any indication of it. If they slept together ten years ago, it was long before the campaign began, so apparently we're to believe that non-national-level political operative CJ Cregg somehow met then-Senator and high in the party John Hoynes somewhere, I guess. Certainly possible. But a big coincidence. Interestingly enough, Toby clearly knew all about it, which is, I think, just a testament to what good friends they always have been. Otherwise... I don't really want to be too negative, so suffice to say, Allison Janney did a great job, as always. And I hope this means we get to really meet Ben soon.
  • "Chinese bras are killing us."

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