Random Thoughts on An Khe

Written by Toniann

  • On tonight's episode of "Top Gun"...
  • More about the portrait. You know, this thing better be a work of genius by the time it's done. Either that or we're getting a lot of foreshadowing for something huge, like poisonous fumes in the paint, or a bomb in the frame. Something. Otherwise, this is a lot of chatter about a painting. On the other hand, I don't think enough time was ever devoted to the president's lack of pet.
  • It seemed odd to me, at first, that General whatshisname went to the residence like that, but then I realized it's usually Leo who does that and Leo was busy telling the punchline of a joke somewhere else.
  • I may have mentioned this before, but I totally love the whole hand-print identification for the Sit Room. The only thing that would make me giddier would be retinal scans and a transporter room.
  • I think it was downright cruel to finally give us a look at Gentle Ben and then make it such a lousy angle. I could barely see the guy's face, I didn't like his suit, and the dialogue was pretty hokey, so I was left with an impression that was less Robert Redford and more Tom Arnold. Not appealing. Though Carol apparently thinks he's the cat's meow. At this point, I'm starting to think she should date him instead.
  • Last episode it seemed more like Taylor Reid was something of a buffoon, this week he's a political pundit who must be feared, at least by Josh and Toby, who seemed concerned. Or maybe that was just filler. Well, whatever. I like Jay Mohr but I thought this part was a little too much typecasting for him.
  • Speaking of Josh, I think his hair got even shorter this week. But in other Josh news, is it just me or has the light gone out of the Josh/Donna scenes? I'm not talking romance, here -- I mean, they always had a snappy His Girl Friday dynamic going on, and now it's more like, "Donna, do this"; "But Josh, here's why it's a bad idea!"; "Do it anyway". (It usually is a bad idea, by the way). I just don't feel like the current writers have the gist of them right.
  • So, is Abbey just "choosing to volunteer" or going back on her word? From a certain point of view, I suppose, post re-election, it doesn't really matter that much... but...
  • I was really starting to think that Ken O'Neal was purposely using Leo, especially after he stood him up for lunch. As in, telling Leo not to call Senator Hunt so that Leo *would* call... that kind of thing. But in the end, it turned out that he was just going down a path Leo wasn't okay with. At the risk of sounding too cynical, in a sense I thought Leo's profound, tearful disappointment over his friend's actions was... a bit overdone. Either it was poor writing or Leo's more naive than I thought, which could be true. Sometimes the guy who'd pull a baby out of a burning building is the same guy who'd cheat on his taxes, you know? It would be easier if people were 100% good or 100% bad, but it doesn't work that way. Leo must know that -- I guess O'Neal was special, because it was Leo's life the guy had saved. To twist on what the president said, maybe it's hardest to accept that our most admired can be corrupted.
  • "Corruptio optimi pessima"

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