Review of The Stormy Present

Written by Toniann

  • The most intriguing thing about this episode, to me, was a chance to take a look at the "presidential heritage" that exists in the West Wing world, or at least some of it: what we learned of Lassiter was obviously second-hand. Still, if there was anything I took away from this episode, it wasn't so much any sort of commentary on Middle East politics, but rather what Bartlet said to Toby on the plane, how he'd come to realize that those "horrible old men" were his only peers.
  • In the end, we certainly took away some measure of respect for the unseen Owen Lassiter, I guess, but... I'm sorry. His replica Oval Office room and the jars of dirt were, I know, supposed to be very moving, but I was kind of weirded out. Not to mention, but weren't we at the Lassiter Presidential Library? Do all past presidents shack up in their libraries, because if so, maybe I need to look into renting out my closed stacks, too.
  • Honestly, my favorite "past president" moment was when Walken was telling the story about him and Lassiter not being able to find the bathroom in a restaurant in Beijing.
  • Personally, I was looking forward to Jed Bartlet's Lincolnalia Trivia Challenge.
  • That "CJ starting to change and not knowing Toby was there" thing was a nice bit of madcap 40's silver screen fun, but wasn't her door open, too (she closed it behind Toby)?
  • Speaking of Toby, I think everyone, every now and then, needs to have a little bit of a nutty, get drunk on Air Force One, wax poetic about the voyage and/or village of the damned, and sing the theme song to "M*A*S*H".
  • Getting back to CJ, though: she doesn't use a firewall? Come on! I mean, I know Fitz always said the White House computers aren't secure but -- not even a firewall?!?!
  • Shouldn't they have saved that DARPA guy for a new Big Block of Cheese Day episode?
  • Okay, apparently I've gotten it in my head that I should be concerned about TWW getting a little too "soap-operaesque", because for a minute there I was sure that Mallory was going to tell Leo that she was going to have a baby or something. Instead we learned his ex is remarrying, which he already knew, and then we bizarrely focused on his desk chair for a few moments as they left the room. That was weird. Did I miss something there?
  • Wouldn't Abbey have been at that funeral, not to mention the other presidents' wives and families?
  • Martin Sheen's short on pretty much any given day, but, geesh, putting him next to James Cromwell, that was almost mean. :)
  • "Who needs Dante, I'm on my way to hell at 35,000 feet."

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