Quotes from Dogs of War

If she dies, his approval ratings will go through the roof.

Amy: You could have said I woke you, i wouldn't have thought less of you.
Josh: Sleeping is... I dunno, less, sorta masculine, whatever.
Amy: Your virility is tied to exhaustion?

Toby: If we go two lines without using the phrase "unimaginably large military arsenal," we're out of our mind.

Ryan: Do you guys always walk so fast?

Walken: This is a weird looking room.
Debbie: Truman called it the crown jewel of the federal penal system.
Walken: You a Truman fan?
Debbie: Yes, sir.
Walken: Me too.
Debbie: I would have taken you for an Eisenhower man, sir.

Leo: You sail?
Fitz: The last thing I captained weighed 7,000 tons. I should be able to figure out how to ease a 32 foot catalina into a slip in Kingston.

Bartlet: You gonna run again?
Walken: I haven't decided.
Bartlet: If you do, let me know, I'll come campaign for you.
Walken: I'm not so sure that'd be a plus in my district, Mr. President.

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