Season 5, Episode 1: 7A WF 83429

Season premiere

AKA: "Si Finis Bonus Est, Totum Bonum Erit" (which translates to "If the end is well, all will be well" or "All's well that ends well"

Aired: Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Rating: 11.6/18


Random thoughts from Toniann


Written by John Wells
Directed by Alex Graves

Stockard Channing
Dulé Hill
Allison Janney
Joshua Malina
Janel Moloney
Richard Schiff
John Spencer
Bradley Whitford
Martin Sheen
Special guest stars
Timothy Busfield as Danny Concannon
John Amos as Admiral Percy Fitzwallace
Lily Tomlin as Deborah Fiderer
John Goodman (uncredited) as House Speaker Glenallen Walken
Guest starring
Nina Siemaszko as Eleanor (Ellie) Bartlet
Anna Deavere Smith as Nat'l Security Advisor Nancy McNally
Annabeth Gish as Elizabeth Bartlet Westin
Clark Gregg as Michael Casper
Geoff Pierson as Senate Minority Leader Tripplehorn
Željko Ivanek as Steve Atwood
Steven Eckholdt as Doug Westin
NiCole Robinson as Margaret
Charlotte Colavin as Rep. Fields
Thomas Kopache as SitRoom Civilian Advisor Bob Slatterly
Ben Guillory as a member of Democratic Leadership
Melissa Fitzgerald as Carol
Kim Webster as Ginger
Peter James Smith as Ed
William Duffy as Larry
Richard F. Whiten as Winston
Timothy Davis-Reed as Mark
Charles Noland as Steve
Mindy Seeger as Chris
John Colella as reporter 2
Hira Ambrosino as reporter 3
Ivan Allen as reporter 4
Featured music
"Sanvean" sung by Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance

7A is the FBI's code for a kidnapping, WF means that the Washington, DC field office is handling the case, and 83429 is the case number.

This episode was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Cinematography For A Single-Camera Series. (Thomas Del Ruth, A.S.C., Director of Photography)