Review of Swiss Diplomacy

Written by Toniann

  • What can I say, I thought this episode was a hoot. It wasn't the main plot or anything. I just know that I laughed out loud at least three times -- Martin Sheen, each of the three -- and that's always a good thing. All other issues aside. I mean, come on, I cracked up over "the organs are in Zurich" too, and I don't even know why. The part about them flying coach was just icing on the cake.

  • It never fails. The person I'm watching a television show says, "Hey, those are really old 'previously seen on The West Wing' scenes, this must be a repeat!!!". It doesn't matter who I watch it with, either. Am I the only person in my zip code who understands that "previously" doesn't just mean "in the last episode" anymore?

  • But speaking of the main title sequence, and folks being slow on the uptake: some of the pictures looked new to me. They've probably been there since the beginning of the season and I was always running to the powder room or emptying the dishwasher or talking to the cat during them.

  • Every time I see an actor listed as "Special Guest Star", I remember that Heather Locklear had that title for all the years she was on Melrose Place. Not that I was watching, or anything. Anywho, I'm sure it's been mentioned before, but do we know how long Lily Tomlin's contract is for? She's here for the whole season, right?

  • At first, I thought Toby didn't like Karen Kroft, the "loser" candidate who can't get the job of running the National Parks. He seemed so stiff with her. I think it was just Richard Schiff showing us that Toby was uncomfortable around this woman, because he felt she'd been done a bad turn -- and by him. I kind of thought it was a nice bit of acting. I picked up that *something* was making Toby uneasy, talking to her, but I got to find out what later. It made me slightly more intrigued in that subplot than I would have been otherwise.

  • Speaking of Team Toby, seems no progress yet -- well, Andy's a pistol, after all. Thanks to everyone who correctly figured out that it was election fraud Andy was going to get sued for -- was aiming to get sued for. I was thinking about this a bit more, and something that was said about Andy getting pregnant to pick a political fight. I don't think that's the case at all. I *do* think, however, that part of the reason Andy won't marry Toby again is to pick a political fight. Part of the reason, though, because I'm imagining there were actual, you know, reasons they got divorced.

  • You ask people for things, and then you thank them for things. And really, that was what Bartlet was doing all of this episode, I think. Obviously, asking Dr. Mohebi for something, and thanking him for it. Writing thank you notes. But I also think that was a reference to what he asked John Hoynes to do -- twice -- and trying to thank him for it in the best way he knew how. I would've liked to have been shown a scene between Bartlet and Hoynes at the end, though -- as it stands, I don't know if Hoynes knows it was the president that made those calls for him.

  • If there's anything in this episode I didn't enjoy, it was Josh's scenes with Hoynes. The VP's anger at Josh seemed a little illogical to me. He knows Josh works for the president -- I would think he would understand and value Josh's loyalty. Certainly he's enough of a politician to understand why Josh can't be his Secret Agent Man. On the other hand, I guess Hoynes was really mad about the fact that Josh assumed he'd been the one to corral the precinct captains. It was a logical conclusion to reach, though.

  • Despite the fact that Mrs. Wilburforce turned out to be the housekeeper (the jury's still out on Mr. Finch) and not the Bartlets' cats, this brings up an important point I can't believe we haven't addressed before. No pets! This president has no pets! I mean, isn't the president supposed to have a dog, or better yet (yay, Socks!) a cat? I can't even think of the last time there wasn't a First Dog or a First Cat in the White House. Ludicrous!

  • Just one tiny OT comment: is that Sprint commercial with the turkey funny or what? "You want me to put my hand WHERE?" Too bad they weren't showing this during the "Indians in the Lobby" episode, aka "The Butterball Hotline". I don't get the thing about the pumpkin and the whisk at the end, though.

  • Was it just me, or did Sam give his office in the West Wing a sort of hesitant look? I don't know if hesitant is the right word, really. He paused, looked around a bit, and then left without even checking his desk. This from the guy who, a couple of years ago, couldn't tear himself away from a ringing phone on said desk when he was supposed to be leaving for vacation. How times change. Ah well. That storyline's pretty much going the way we thought it would -- which isn't, necessarily, a bad thing.

  • Can you imagine how annoyed a nation of trout fishermen would be if we really changed the name to "Charlie?"

    "Have her beheaded for my birthday."

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