Review of Election Night

Written by Toniann

  • Well, as stated elsewhere by other posters, I must confess that this was one of the most unsuspenseful elections I've ever seen. But on the other hand, we all knew Bartlet was going to win, so perhaps it's for the best that Sorkin didn't attempt to drum up some sort of uncertainty about the election's outcome. There's no way it would have been convincing.

  • Let's start every episode with a practical joke and see how long it takes me to catch on. I'm slow on the uptake where that kind of thing is concerned. I got it when the woman in red started talking to Josh. But I still thought it was pretty funny. "I voted for your guy three times!"

  • I wonder how much campaigning goes on on Election Day. I mean to say, how much effect does any sort of last-minute campaigning have, or are the voters decided at that point? Have you ever changed your mind, or made up your mind, on the day? And was it due to some sort of campaign strategy? Just curious, I've never seen numbers on something like that.

  • Sam didn't want balloons? At all? Or just until they'd won? Because, no balloons at all? People like the balloons, even at conventions, as we've heard before. I especially liked the bit with the staffer scurrying by in the hallway with balloons, running from Toby.

  • So, speaking of Toby. Well, that was actually sort of touching, the sonogram and all. And it's the oldest mushy scene in the book, the bickering prospective parents sniping at each other until they see that image on the screen, and hear the heartbeat -- heartbeats, in this case. Still, I'm a sucker for mushy Toby moments. And I've always liked Andy. Plus, I think it gives some variety to the main characters. We've got Leo, CJ, Sam all doing that "married to the job" thing. Josh stumbles into women who date him for awhile (and into football players, but that's a different story), but it's not the same thing. I don't mind having one of the senior staff have a serious relationship storyline. If it were all of them, I'd start to get disenchanted with the idea.

  • I, too, laughed out loud at the Visa Check Card commercial featuring Charlie & Martin. I think my favorite moment was when Martin also turned to the blonde and said, "How's it going?".

  • Josh, as usual, seemed to often not have enough to do in this episode -- he seemed to me to spend a lot of time wandering the hallways and sometimes babbling to Donna about the ionization blackout period (did she call him "Pumpkin Patch"?) or having a much- too long debate about briefing memos with Debbie Fiderer.

  • I liked Sam's storyline in this episode -- I liked that he told Donna about what was going on. He had to tell someone and I think she actually was the best person for him to tell. He's obviously not sure what he really wants to have happen here, with Horton Wilde bound to come out the winner next week. And I think, obviously, he's underestimating his chances at winning as a result of that indecision. Very curious to see how that unfolds next week.

  • I would comment on Christian Slater, aka Lt. Commander Jack Reese, except blink and you missed him in this episode. I'm assuming his guest spot will be expanded a bit in the next couple of weeks.

  • Getting back to Debbie Fiderer... I thought the scenes with Josh were interminably long, though I got later why they were setting up that whole thing about her making changes in the president's workday. Now, that scene I liked -- between Bartlet and Debbie. Does she know he's ill? I mean, everyone in the country knows he has MS, but as the president asked her, has she noticed the signs? Despite her claim that one has nothing to do with the other? I think she may have, or that perhaps Charlie has said something.

  • Overall, at the end of this episode, my biggest questions had nothing to do with the election, but rather about Bartlet and his health. Something seems to be going on, obviously, and I'm not quite clear what. I read an interesting post from Bill Van on the newsgroup this morning, talking about MS and "exacerbations", which is apparently what is happening to Bartlet (thanks for the info!). I, too, am curious about what route this storyline will end up following.

    "You don't want to tempt the wrath of whatever from high atop the thing!"

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