Review of The Red Mass

Written by Toniann

  • So it is the Stackhouse of the filibuster. I wasn't sure. For all I knew, it was the one referred to in "The American President" instead. Anyhow, I liked him -- I liked him before too.

  • "I know how Ritchie's going to win this election." Well, I'll tell you what I know: James Brolin is doing the best no-show guest spot I've seen in a long time. I mean, isn't it kind of funny how he's this looming figure that's such a big part of the current plot, yet we don't see him? I'm not complaining about that, I'm just saying, he's starting to remind me of Vera on "Cheers".

  • And why would they be iffy about the President in Maine anyhow? I haven't been to Maine, personally. I'd like to.

  • I thought that sending Donna to a self-help seminar was a risky move, actually. You never know what she'll come back with. But they decided to go the other route. I'm glad. I don't think I would have enjoyed seeing her babble about the light and the corner and joining the There But For The Grace of God Society. But they seem to be going in a less ditzy direction with Donna. Good.

  • I heartily concur: out of all the staffers in the West Wing, I feel positive that Josh should not fly things.

  • Amy Gardner carries balloons around with her?

  • Actually, despite the nasally voice and weird mannerisms, I liked what she said and did in this episode. Heck, who knows. I didn't like Maura Tierney's character when she first appeared on ER, and now she's my favorite. Stranger things have happened. But she's got to lose that weird side ponytail hairdo thing she was doing. What the heck.

  • There's a certain dynamic between Charlie and Anthony that reminds one of Bartlet and Charlie, don't you think? I mean, certainly it's different on many levels, but it seemed to me like Charlie is trying to get Anthony to think for himself, and that's something Bartlet does with everyone.

  • You know, for a guy that's leaving the show, they've given Sam some nice moments in the last couple of episodes. That bit last night with him asking Leo about Shareef, and then knowing he shouldn't have, that was nice. Going out with a bang, I guess. I still think they're going to have him go into public office, somehow. It's what would make the most sense.

  • I don't know a lot about the Red Mass, aside from what we were told last night ("Big deal"). Actually, I'm used to the "big deal" rule, so to speak -- I guess the part that surprises me is that it's a Catholic mass, more than anything else.

  • Aaron Sorkin is many things, but politically, he's not exactly subtle. The comments and doubts raised by CJ about how Ritchie would end up winning the debates simply by meeting low expectations... well, that doesn't ring a bell at *all*, does it?

  • Speaking of CJ, was she taller than usual, or just her usual height? I think it's that they don't often show her standing next to the President like that.

  • Who was that young woman in the office, working with Charlie? Ellen? Have we seen her before? She almost seemed to be Charlie's assistant -- and frankly, the guy could probably use an assistant. But hey, no Debbie Fiderer this week.

  • This is completely off-topic, but can anyone explain to me while Donald Trump is doing McDonald's commercials? Surely it's not for the money. Unless he owns McDonald's or something.

    "The Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, which is what they called my dorm room in college."

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