Review of Life on Mars

Written by Toniann

  • I don't usually do anything other than random commentary, but I feel compelled to share that this episode felt great to me. I liked the pacing, the dialogue -- the plot. I felt like I was watching Season 2 TWW again, and it worked great for me. Reminded me of "17 People", when Toby was figuring the MS thing out. YMMV.

  • That was one beat-up cab that poor Claire Hall arrived in, from Hoynes' office. I say "poor" because she looked pretty young and this was a miserable little task she had there. To have to carry a resignation letter from your boss is one thing, but to know that yours is the hand that is carrying history into the Oval Office -- not to mention, you're out of a job as of right now. Seriously, she had my sympathies, possibly more than anyone else in the whole fiasco. It's tough working for a politician; you put your faith and trust in their hands, and they screw up and your life is turned upside down. And she may have really liked and respected Hoynes as well, and feel confused about that now.

  • Do they actually call that, officially, the "Morning Press Gaggle"? That's great. Gaggle. Like, geese.

  • I'm wondering if CJ ended the day by wishing she hadn't dumped the science thing on Joe Quincy just for kicks (even if she outranks him by, like, seventeen rungs), and had instead just put mayonnaise on his parking spot like everyone else -- hey, they didn't know he was a biscuit!

  • Is it just me or does the Steam Pipe Distribution Center look even sadder without Ainsley in it?

  • Richard Schiff sounded like he had a cold. But on the other hand, it completely added to the "misery" thing Toby had going. Guess Team Toby isn't getting it done.

  • What tennis was Charlie watching? I'm a tennis fan and the only thing I knew was going on right now was the Valencia Open and the BMW Open, and the J&S Cup. Which is great, but it's not Wimbledon or the French Open or anything. I'm just saying.

  • I think they're continuing a theme of Josh giving Donna more significant work -- he assigned her something and she commented him doing it, just briefly. I'm assuming that the feeling of TPTB is that if Donna's such a major character in the show she'd be more interesting taking a more significant role plotwise. I guess.

  • Do you think Will really can keep all the Laurens straight and is just joshing them (no pun intended)? Cause I can't. But they've developed a nice dry sense of group humor there, so I like those guys. What they needed to do to make those scenes perfect was get Ed & Larry in there.

  • What was with the bird and the tapping? (Psst - if you didn't get the Tippi Hedren reference, she was in Hitchcock's "The Birds").

  • Also, what's the big thing about getting a lawyer to say "shyster"? Is this some sort of lawyer gag I didn't know about, not being one (not even the Josh kind)?

  • I'm sorry, I know there were other more important things going on, but I loved Stu Winkle. Wasn't he great? I mean, okay, a little focused on clothes, but if CJ Cregg called me, I'd be all a-flutter too.

  • I enjoyed the unraveling of the Vice-President's story immensely, and I just want to give kudos to the writers because half-way through I was sitting there saying, "I don't buy it! Why would he betray them for a book deal, or a cut of one? That's crazy!". And then -- ahhhh. The oldest reason in the book: an affair gone bad. That, I buy.

  • The scene between Leo, Bartlet, and Hoynes out on the walkway was fantastic -- if only because of the moment when Bartlet (I think) said, "Didn't you have a clue that she was the kind of person who would do this to you? Couldn't you tell?" I'm eagerly awaiting the transcript, because Hoynes' reply is a sad statement that is all the sadder because I personally think truer words have not been spoken: to paraphrase, the people who betray you are so often the ones you wouldn't think would do that.

  • Why *was* Toby having a salad?

    "Yeah, we're gonna need a new Vice-President."

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