Review of Angel Maintenance

Written by Toniann

  • I'm going to admit it: time zones sometimes confuse the heck out of me, at least while I'm traveling through them, too. Come to think of it, this is the third "time zone" joke I can recall them doing on the show. There was a time Josh and Sam were trying to figure out how the president arrived back home earlier than he left wherever he was coming from. And of course, in "20 Hours in America", a county with a funky time zone foiled Josh, Toby, and Donna's travel plans.
  • Frustrating though it must have been, and a little scary, possibly, to be honest, if there's any plane in the world to be on with mechanical failures, I'm thinking it's Air Force One.
  • You know, I like reporter Steve. I'll never forget he was briefly the holistic hippy nurse on ER, but overall, he's probably my favorite WH reporter. Well, except for Danny.
  • I was *really* expecting Bartlett to say "Houston, we've got a problem" instead.
  • Is it just me or did Donna sort of check out Landis? Is that why Josh made a comment about her dating a lot of Republicans? Cliff, Colonel Wonderful, Dr. Freeride -- who didn't necessarily have to be a Republican, but I guess he was. Boy, that guy must feel like he screwed up -- ex-girlfriend he lived off of for years is now working for the White House. Imagine the freeloading he could still be doing.
  • What episode did we see Mark Richardson in before? I know we did, and it was something to do with the Black Caucus.
  • OT commercial moment: I *loved* the M&Ms commercial with the guy talking in the movie theatre, and the yellow M&M booting him out of there. If only that could really happen!
  • So, Will was in the Air Force Reserve (which explains why he knows all the plane stuff, cause I was wondering). As CJ (or Charlie, I don't remember) said, he's afraid of flying and he joined the AFR? Did he not know he was afraid of flying before that?
  • I can't remember the last time I saw someone playing solitaire with actual cards, and not on the computer. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Jed Bartlett would rather use the old-fashioned traditional method. Of course, with the cards you can cheat. Personally, I haven't figured out a way to cheat at computer solitaire.
  • Margaret! I can't remember the last time we saw her -- okay, it was probably recently and I just have forgotten. Still. Wacky though she is, I'm with her on the concerns about the foam.
  • When did Leo start smoking?
  • And which one did CJ kiss, Ed or Larry?
  • I'm not sure I heard Toby's answer about his draft number right -- what I think he said was that his number was 125 but they only went up to 90 that year -- but that if they'd gotten to him, he didn't have the $300.
  • I know that Hollings and Rangel & Conyers and plenty of others have been talking about or introducing bills regarding the reinstation of the draft, but I'm not finding anything about them on THOMAS which, I gotta say, can be a really fascinating site to wander around through. Congress has all kinds of stuff going on. :)
  • "Of course, on the right side of the plane, there's an F16 Falcon."

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