Review of Privateers

Written by Toniann

  • It was a nice bit of symmetry the way the episode opened and closed with Abbey & Jed in their bedroom, talking shop.
  • 6 AM is sleeping in?!?! Oy.
  • Aside from the diplomas falling off the walls and the doors falling down (as a side note: what if they'd fallen on Abbey? I doubt Josh would have enough of a head start to make it out alive), Amy has a REALLY nice office. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but it looked to be twice the size of Leo's.
  • Whistleblower Bert Ganz was played by the guy who was a teacher (a gay teacher, it turned out) on the short-lived "My So-Called Life". His character had this thing about stumbling over his words and taking long pauses. I kept expecting him to do that.
  • I gotta go with Andy on this one. Rebecca and Sophie are okay, but Millicent? Really, Toby?
  • Honestly, I expected Donna's bizarre and crazily explained task of shadowing some girl's party date was going to go worse than it did. "Oooh, a bar trip!"
  • It certainly did feel like Abbey was being unreasonable with Amy; her intentions and her principles were sound but it was, at that point in the game, an impossible task. So I gather we should think that Abbey essentially knew that and wanted to see how Amy would do under pressure?
  • Speaking of Amy, I think I missed something: at the end, Abbey said to her, "I used to baby-sit for you", and Amy replied, "Yeah, I used to get you in a lot of trouble", or something like that. Is there a previously mentioned backstory with Abbey and Amy I'm just forgetting?
  • Amazingly enough, dating advice from Will Bailey seems to be sound, despite his suspicious track record. That little smile on her face when Charlie respectfully refused to stay away from her, because he loves her, is the only sign of intelligence I've seen from Zoey all season. I mean, dating a stoned French pretty boy. Who looked oddly different than he did in previous episodes; maybe it was the formal wear.
  • I'm not quite sure what threw CJ off so badly about Marion Coatsworth-Haye (or Marblehead, or whatever her name was), but I am familiar with uncontrollable fits of laughter, myself, and besides, that voice was *awful*. And hey, CJ's a whimsical gal -
  • she even put olives in Will's coat! Actually , my favorite part of that scene was Will miming the "Francis Scott Key Key" idea to Amy.
  • So, last but not least: where's Sam? Is that it? We're never going to get an explanation of why he lost his election and for some reason, didn't come back to work at the White House? Or should we somehow believe that he's there but always just left the room, or is down the hall? Hey, speaking of "My So-Called Life", there was this character named Tino that you never, ever saw, instead they were always waiting for him, or he had just left, or was somewhere else in the room. I don't know, I mean, we could *try* that with Sam but...
  • "Mrs. Bartlett descends from quite the band of ruffians."

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