Review of Red Haven's on Fire

Written by Toniann

  • LOL, I thought of the "buying a house" thing with all the signatures too, but did you notice that Toby never did sign all of that paperwork?
  • Hey, personally I thought it was nice of the call girl to let Toby use her phone, since it was probably peak minutes he was using -- though come to think of it, it was a weekend, she probably gets nights & weekends free. That was a nice phone, too. And Sam -- yeah, glass houses, stones, etc.
  • This was the episode of nicknames I noticed -- Charlie "Hurricane" Young, Donna "Trotsky" Moss and then the interns, aka The Ronettes.
  • Ironically, Amy Gardner knocking over that candle and starting a small fire made me like her more than usual. Though as another poster said, it would have been *really* funny if she'd tried to douse the flames with alcohol.
  • Abbey certainly is stealthy! Although Josh doesn't make me want to either jump him or kill him, in these moments, I enjoyed their scene together. And Josh was right in what he said -- though he's certainly going to eat those words, isn't he. A whole new chapter indeed, as Donna said. Speaking of Donna, as predicted, now that she doesn't have a boyfriend anymore clearly we can just drop that whole Josh/Donna thing again.
  • I wondered how realistic it was to have the family members of the three hostage soldiers waiting in the White House. Is that common practice? Not that I'm saying we frequently have three high-profile soldiers taken hostage and tortured that way, as far as I know, and that is a very good thing.
  • The ever-witty CJ was a delight, as always, in this episode, whether she was singing about Havana or suggested a leaping photo-op for Sam. Though, to be honest, I would have liked to see her have something to *do* while she was at it.
  • I was about to say that Will Bailey really needs to get cracking on putting up a poster or two in that office of his... but as it turns out, he needs to attend to the glass shards -- again -- first.
  • So, um, what's the deal with Sam? I was very wrong on this one: I thought that he was going to somehow pull out a win in the California 47th, in order to explain why he's leaving the West Wing. But he's not, apparently, going to win -- and yet, as we all know, he's not going to come back to work for the president. Was that Rob Lowe's last episode? I thought it was, and yet I don't get how they're going to explain his absence at this point. Why do the whole running-for- office thing at all, if it doesn't have anything to do with why he's leaving? Or does it?
  • "Orange County's beachfront is a national treasure."

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