Quotes from Swiss Diplomacy

Debbie: The Ipswich clams in Chesapeake Bay can hear you bellowing right now.
Bartlet: Ipswich clams don't come from Chesapeake Bay, they come from Ipswich.
Debbie: Not anymore.
Bartlet: Have her beheaded for my birthday.

Leo: What are you doing?
Bartlet: I'm doing basically what the president does: ask people for things then thank them for things.

Bartlet: Hi. Before you say anything, here's my idea: the kid needs lungs and a heart. Let's use the ayatollah's.

Bartlet: A big damn red cross right on that plane.

Bartlet: Would you pull the First Lady out of whatever she's in right now?
Charlie: She's with the Women's Caucus.
Bartlet: Well, put on a helmet and pads and get in there.

Bartlet: If you lose, you lose, but if you waste this, I'll kill you, I'll just kill you, Sam.

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