Quotes from Election Night

Sam: No balloons, no confetti.
C.J.: Why?
Sam: It's not a party.
C.J.: It is a party.
Sam: Yeah, but we won, we don't have to pander.
Toby: Please don't say that.
C.J.: On your birthday, don't we pander to you?
Sam: Not as much as I'd like.

Toby: You want to tempt the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing?
Sam: No.
Toby: Then go outside, turn around three times and spit. What the hell's the matter with you?

Sam: He wrote a concession speech.
Josh: Of course he wrote a concession speech. Why wouldn't he? What possible reason would he have for not writing a concession speech?
Sam: The wrath from high atop the thing.
Toby: He upped and said we were gonna...
Josh: No! You gotta go outside, turn around three times and curse!
Toby: Spit.
Josh: Spit. And curse.
Toby: Do everything. Go!
Josh: Go!
Toby: Go!
Josh: Go!
Toby and Josh: Go!

C.J.: Listen, I know better than to stick my face in your personal life, except, you know, for sport.

Sam: Yes, I turned, I cursed, I spat, it froze.

Josh: I'm gonna humor the new girl.

Toby: I can see heads.

Bartlet: What was wrong with the old way?
Debbie: Oh, this is better.
Bartlet: How?
Debbie: You don't care, sir, it just is.

Leo: You're gonna win New Hampshire.

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