Quotes from Debate Camp

Josh: We need an answer on Rooker.
Bartlet: What's wrong with "bite me?"
Josh: I think we'd lose.
Toby: Not in New Jersey.

Bartlet: Honey, if we're gonna have this fight, can we not do it in front of the Joint Chiefs? It just scares the hell out of them.

Sam: What's going on with you and Andy?
Toby: Nothing.
Sam: I think you're wrong.
Toby: I'm not.
Sam: I think you're getting back together.
Toby: We're not.
Sam: But you want to.
Toby: Yes.
Sam: I think... wait. What?
Toby: See, sometimes, if I slam on the brakes, you just run right past.

Toby: I won't even tell you the name they have for this room.
Andy: What's the name?
Toby: I won't tell you.
Andy: Why?
Toby: It's not a good out-loud word.

Toby: It's January 15th, Andy. I can't have a baby today.

Bill Stark: There are a lot of votes there.
C.J.: Yes, but, we got as many as we needed for now.

Bartlet: What are we doing right now?
Mrs. Landingham: We're choosing pictures from the collection at the National Gallery.
Bartlet: They'll loan stuff?
Mrs. Landingham: Anything you want in the National Gallery or the whole Smithsonian.
Bartlet: Really?
Mrs. Landingham: Yeah.
Bartlet: I want Apollo 11.
Mrs. Landingham: Well, you can't have that.
Bartlet: Then don't bother me.

Josh: We were looking for West Wing 160.
Leo: Yeah. I think it's in the Kremlin. Let's just meet here.

Donna: Bambiesque?
Josh: As does pertain to Bambi.

Amy: It's the capitalist treadmill that encourages scheduling quality time on a Palm Pilot. That's not how they do it in Scandinavia.
Josh: But everybody kills themselves in Scandinavia.
Amy: That's hard to deny.

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