Quotes from Commencement

Will: Why don't you let me read what you have.
Bartlet: What I have?
Will: Yeah.
Bartlet: Well, it's been said I have a pleasant speaking voice and oratorical style.
Will: You don't have anything?
Bartlet: On paper?
Will: Yeah.
Bartlet: No.

Wesley: Y'know, I can kill you and just make up a reason why I did, right?

Bartlet: Do they have overwhelming force?

Bartlet: This one here tossed Wesley like a bag of potato chips.

Bartlet: You guys know eachother?
Zoey: Molly was on Ellie's detail for awhile.
Bartlet: Oh, good. Okay. Well, Ellie's still up and running.

Bartlet: Would you consider, instead of living in France with your boyfriend for three months, uh, staying here? Living in your room and being a candy striper? Or surfing?
Zoey: A candy striper?
Bartlet: Or surfing. You could spend the summer working in a pet shop. We could play Yahtzee and watch movies at night.
Zoey: Dad, what fantasy is it that's going through your head right now?
Bartlet: What daughters would do their whole lives if I had my way.

Bartlet: Before I forget, if something comes up and you're faced with the choice of killing the boyfriend or not killing the boyfriend, kill the boyfriend.

Andy: You're just too sad for me, Toby.

Bartlet: Nice job with the, y'know, raising of the kid.

Will: Sir, this speech is about creativity, and in my opinion it's a home run. Now, what it isn't is a speech that will convince Zoey not to go to France tomorrow.
Bartlet: Well, let's write that one.

Zoey: You're such a good guy. You were raised in horror, what is it along the way that made you a good guy?
Charlie: I try to eat right.

Zoey: Jean Paul wants me to take a hit ecstasy with him tonight.
Charlie: Okay, but your kids are gonna have gills.

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