Quotes from Angel Maintenance

Leo: Draftees aren't nearly as well trained. That's why there were so many casualties in Vietnam.
Toby: Right. Also, the Vietcong.
Leo: Plus that.

Bartlet: I want this plane to land!
Will: Did it work?

Richardson: This isn't going to screw you too much?
Toby: No, it's going to screw us the regular amount.

C.J.: It just suddenly worked?
Will: The gear?
C.J.: Yeah.
Will: Yeah.
C.J.: I'm not sure I'm good living in a world where that kind of thing is possible.
Will: You are.
C.J.: I imagine myself destitute, I imagine myself unlucky in love, but I never imagined my life would be in danger with really uncommon frequency. It feels a little bit good, doesn't it?
Will: No.
C.J.: Yes, it does.
Will: I'll make jokes when this whole bullfight with gravity's over.

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