Quotes from Privateers

Woman: Mr. President, it's 6:00 am.
Bartlet: Oh. Okay. I didn't ask for 5?
Woman: You did, sir, and the First Lady changed it to 6.
Bartlet: She's allowed to do that?
Woman: Sir?

Leo: You don't want to stand here for a moment and reflect on the fact that a glacier melted this morning?
Josh: Well, I would, Leo, but a glacier melted this morning so at this point Americans are simply trying to outrun it.

Josh: It's your first day.
Amy: Yes.
Josh: Is it true that everything fell off your wall?
Amy: How do you know that?
Josh: I'm everywhere.

Charlie: Can I ask you something?
Will: Sure.
Charlie: Do you have a girlfriend right now?
Will: No.
Charlie: When was the last time you had one.
Will: About nine months ago.
Charlie: How long did it last?
Will: A couple of days.
Charlie: Okay.
Will: In my own defense, she was psycho.
Charlie: So, why are you giving me relationship help?
Will: Because I'm the only one in this conversation who didn't get a Dear John email from his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend.
Charlie: God, that's really true, isn't it.

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