Quotes from Red Haven's on Fire

Toby: If I was someone who felt comfortable hugging other people, I'd give one to Sam because he absolutely impaled himself.

Toby: Excuse me, I think they're making me buy somebody's house.

Toby: His wingman thought I hit him, so he came for me, and I took care of business.
Charlie: You what?
Toby: Charlie took care of business.

Toby: Things are looking up now.
Sam: You trapped people at Disneyland, told the French they could stick a loaf of bread up their ass, had a meeting with a Communist, and things are looking up because my new campaign director just made bail.
Toby: Well, the glass is half full or half, you know, the other thing.

Will: White House intern looks good on a resume. Threem onths from now two of them will be working at Condé Nast and HBO.
Elsie: And the other two?
Will: Will marry senior vice-presidents at Condé Nast and HBO.

Toby: It made the news out there?
Will: A Jewish guy won a bar fight, it's news everywhere.

Josh: You're very stealthy, ma'am, I've always admired that about you.

C.J.: He looks youthful and energetic. Do we have anything he can jump over?

C.J.: It's a black-tie a event, and when she talks about helping poor women while wearing a $4,000 Krizia dress she looks like Marie Antoinette.
Toby: She's right.
C.J.: I am. So, you should tell her that, Charlie.
Charlie: I'm sorry?
C.J.: You should tell her not to talk about the House vote.
Charlie: You want me to tell Mrs. Bartlet she's gonna look like a dilettante.
C.J.: I once had to tell the president he was wearing two different shoes.
Charlie: That's roughly the same.

Sam: I'm preaching to the choir.
Toby: I'm sorry.
Sam: I'm saying you have me preaching to the choir.
Toby: Yeah.
Sam: Why?
Toby: 'Cause that's how you get them to sing.

Toby: God save the President of the United State. And Sam Seaborn.

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