Quotes from The Long Goodbye

C.J.: I think you're a very pretty girl, Toby.

Marco: I didn't think you'd be coming. I feel slightly so much better now.
C.J.: I'm hearing Violent Femmes and thinking quaaludes and tension and tacos.

Marco: You were the smartest, funniest, saddest girl in Dayton.
C.J.: Thank you. I think that might have been a compliment.

Marco: Hey, listen, at the risk of being... anything, you wouldn't want to go to this thing together, would you? I mean, we could get a vodka first, which helps with the fear, and a cracker, which helps with the bad food.
C.J.: Safety in numbers.

C.J.: Avoid the ones who don't blink. They're power devils.
Toby: I don't know what that is.
C.J.: Yes, you do.

Tal: Then, let it drift, and then, let it sink, and of course, then nothing happens, which is the fun part.

Tal: My age smells of liniment and waiting rooms.

Tal: I'd much rather see you on TV, darling, than sitting opposite me watching a demolition derby going on in my brain.

Tal: I started smoking again because I forgot that twenty years ago I quit.

Toby: The same is the same and the same is true for the bailout of the iron industry. Nothing was said that has not been... that has consistently not been said and is still being... not said. And what's, what's, what's, not being said is often, uh, more important than, than....

Marco: You're losing time, Mr. Cregg.
Tal: That, son, I am.

Marco: When do you give your speech?
C.J.: After dinner, before the scary dancing.

Tal: Time matters.

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