Quotes from Holy Night

Carol: Aren't they great?
C.J.: You just want 'em to take you to their place and...
Carol: They're 20 years old, ma'am.
C.J.: Yes. Sing... is what I was going to say. Take you to their place and sing.

Claypool: How pregnant is your ex-wife?
Toby: As I understand pregnancy, it's a binary state, you either are or you aren't.

Toby: I'm told that on my sunniest of days I'm not that fun to be around. I wonder what's gonna happen when you make my children part of your life.

Toby: Why do you sit in the lobby instead of my office?
Will: The Holy Line of Demarcation, right there. It's where the West Wing starts and I won't go past it.
Toby: I wasn't listening to anything you just said.
Will: I said the Holy Line of Demarcation...
Toby: It's because I didn't care.

Zoey: I need you to give me the coverage on my father's mood.
Charlie: Why?
Zoey: 'Cause I want to ask him something.
Charlie: What?
Zoey: Do you need to know?
Charlie: No, I just want to.

Zoey: My dad's gonna love him.
Charlie: Oh, yeah.
Zoey: Well, I love him, so my father will love him.
Charlie: That's absolutely the way it works.

Toby: You've been convicted of multiple felonies. You think the U.S. Secret Service lets you walk around this building unescorted? You can't! You're a threat to the president.
Julie: I'm really not.

Will: Oh my God.
Charlie: You know what? I've seen worse.
Will: Really?
Charlie: Well, no.
Will: Yeah.

Toby: How'd it go?
Will: Didn't go very well.
Toby: Presidential flameout?
Will: Doesn't matter.
Toby: Makes you feel like you'll never know the love of a real woman.
Will: Can we not talk about it?
Toby: Sure.

Toby: Listen, when you get home tonight you're going to be confronted by the instinct to drink alone. Trust that instinct, manage the pain, don't try to be a hero.

Will: Hey, your dad seems like such a nice guy. I was talking to him before.
Toby: Yeah?
Will: Is he retired?
Toby: Yeah.
Will: What did he do?
Toby: He made ladies' raincoats and before that he worked for Murder, Incorporated. Boy, it really is snowing.

Julie: I should stay tonight with you?
Toby: You should stay tonight with me.

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