Quotes from Gone Quiet

Leo: One day I'm gonna get called to the situation room and it's gonna be good news. We'll have discovered buried treasure or it turns out there's life on Andromeda and they think we're doing a good job.

Bartlet: Hey, Bruno, can you devise a campaign strategy that involves beating the crap out of Leo?

Oliver: Goodness, what happened to your ankle, Dr. Bartlet?
Abbey: I broke it, otherwise I'd be ramming it up your...
Oliver: How'd you break it?

Oliver: From this witness list, it is becoming clear to me what the president's biggest liability is going to be.
Abbey: What?
Oliver: You.

Tawny: Here's a woman who gets naked, covers herself completely in chocolate, and sings. Does that appeal to you?
Toby: By and large, I'm not wild about musicals.

Tawny: Have you heard of Andrew Hawkins?
Sam: No.
Tawny: He funded his performance piece recently which involved him destroying all his belongings outside a Starbucks in Haight-Ashbury.
Sam: I've done that a couple times. I didn't know there was funding available.

Leo: I think he should stay.
Bartlet: Who?
Leo: Albie. He can talk us through some things and if we need to start making calls he'll be helpful.
Bartlet: And also he'd be good to have around for morale because he's Mr. Happy Fun Guy.

Tawny: Toby, do you like this stuff?
Toby: Tawny, you'd need the Budweiser Clydesdales to drag my ass to Picasso and Monet. I'm not the guy you want deciding this. And you're not the guy I want deciding this!

Bartlet: Oh, God, I'm sorry. Am I still here?

Josh: Why do you want to be president?
Bartlet: I don't.

Abbey: You should be careful, Oliver. You keep talking like a person they're going to kick you out of the bar.

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