Review of Shibboleth

Written by Toniann

A short Thanksgiving morning edition. (tm) ;-)

Like many others, I couldn't help but think of "In Excelsis Deo" while watching last night's episode-- and that's a good thing, considering what a fine example of quality television the former was. I found the pacing, the dialogue, and the overall tone of "Shibboleth" to be excellent; Laura Innes could give up her day job on ER anytime, except that I'm too enthralled with her portrayal of Dr. Weaver to encourage such a move.

  • Sigh. I was all smug and ready to bust TWW on a nitpicky error; I thought, "Hey, I *went* to Cornell, I don't recall there being a PhD in Education offered!" Well, I was wrong. Granted, it's a really small department and all...

  • I wonder if Josh has spent much time dwelling on the whole "Roz & Guil" coin toss thing, which is sort of bleak in its commentary on how previous tosses have no effect on the outcome of future tosses... Nah, he looked too happy about his streak.

  • Out of curiosity, why would there be a word for "yam" in Latin? Anyone?

  • I'm starting to feel teased. This is the second week in a row we've been led to believe we're going to hear CJ sing.

  • Does the President really pardon a turkey every year? Anyone? It sounds like something that's true. If so, I guess that's kind of neat, but also sort of redundant since I'm quite sure the White House serves turkey on that day as well. While we're at it, have we ever had a vegetarian President, First Lady, or member of the First Family, even? Just curious.

  • Don't you kind of wish the Oscars actually *were* like that?

  • Do you think Charlie was having Thanksgiving dinner with the First Family? We haven't seen Zoe in awhile, but I'm assuming they're still in love and all that.

  • On a serious note, I hope TWW spends a little more time on the school prayer issue, because I feel like we barely scraped the surface on this one-- and that we really only saw the good arguments for one side. Personally, I tend to agree with Toby. But the thing is, a lot of Americans don't. We all know the show has a pretty liberal slant, but this is one Moderate Liberal who would like to see some fair time for the other side this time around.

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