Review of The Portland Trip

Written by Toniann

I'm in the minority, it seems: I enjoyed this episode. Was it powerful and dramatic and huge? No. Should anyone be submitting this one to the Emmys next year? I don't think so. But it was an hour of quality television, in my humble opinion. What more could a girl want?

  • You know, I *SO* want Charlie's job. I've been thinking this for awhile now-- I mean, he works with all these cool people, in the White House, no less. I think he makes more than I do and yet I somehow doubt he went to grad school. He travels a lot. And he gets to dream up national initiatives. Downsides: okay, he got shot at. And, he never seems to get any sleep.

  • I was kind of looking forward to hearing at least a little bit of the Notre Dame fight song.

  • And on that note, I thought CJ looked cute in the hat. Furthermore, I thought she started to kind of like it too.

  • Donna and Ainsley: some folks found Donna annoying in their scene together, but to be honest, I thought Ainsley was pretty snippy. Just the other week she was downtrodden because no one seemed to like her, after all. Granted, listening to Donna's tales of relationship woe may not be fascinating, but fyi from the real office workplace: make friends with the other chicks whenever possible. It makes life easier.

  • Speaking of TWW "chicks": I wish I didn't cringe when Leo told Margaret she was a good girl. I know, I know, you don't have to tell me, he meant it in the nicest way possible.

  • Is it just me? Didn't the datestamps seem rather long and detailed and somewhat ominous? Every time we went to a scene that took place on AFO, we got this long subtitle like, "Air Force One, Flying Over the Gas Station on the NE Corner of Main and Delancy Streets, Smallville, North Dakota, 10:53 PM". I kept wondering if I should start writing them down, or something.

  • Last but not least: The White House has some kick-ass facilities. The "mess" where Josh and the Congressmen had their meeting is seemingly open 24-7. And, the lack of Fresca notwithstanding, that little cafe-thing that Ainsley went to was pretty awesome. We don't have those in my office, that's for sure. Furthermore, did she even pay for that stuff?

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