Review of The Lame Duck Congress

Written by Toniann

Well, just a few thoughts this time around... I'm not saying I didn't like this episode; every bit of "The West Wing" still fills me with joy, believe me. Let's just say that I had less of a response to this one than most.

  • Ainsley should get together with Margaret about the muffins they serve in the cafeteria.

  • Call me a nitpicker, but I thought it was a little strange that Bonnie was giving a tour. What, do they just grab whoever's available at the moment, barring Sam? I work in a small local museum, and even we have actual Tour Guides and Docents that do these things. I would think the White House would have a tour staff.

  • Okay, so he's a healthy red-blooded American young man, but must it always be Charlie who notices when someone's a fine looking woman? I just kept thinking of his comments about Joey Lucas.

  • Speaking of Joey Lucas, where the heck is she?

  • Speaking of "where the heck is she?", could they give us a reference to Mandy's departure one of these days?

  • Blink And You'll Miss It: was that the death knell of CJ and Danny? I think it was. If so, I guess I'd say they handled that in a rather nice, understated sort of way.

  • I wanted to care more about the nucelar test ban thing, I really did. I know it's an important issue, obviously. But at first I really couldn't tell if it was *the* important issue, or if the whole thing was in fact about somebody wanting to get named to the Foreign Affairs committee. In which case, I was with CJ on this one.

  • I think Toby deserves another Day of Jubilee. Didn't he seem especially downtrodden and sad in this one? Who's watching Toby this week-- do something. Bring him some pie, maybe.

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