Review of Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody's Going to Jail

Written by Toniann

That's right, sports fans, I changed the traditional subject line. It was just too long and unwieldy, especially with this week's exceptionally long episode title. Of course, these thoughts are still *completely* random and all, even if I don't specifically say so. :)

  • Well, sports fans, it's Big Block of Cheese Day. Is this the same thing that happened last year in, what was it, "Six Meetings Before Lunch"? Well, as Donna said, it is rather a nice idea. What I loved, though, was Margaret shaking her head "no" behind Leo's back, then nodding "yes" when he turned to her. She cracks me up.

  • In a New York minute, everything can change, indeed. I confess that I was sort of "waiting for it" throughout this episode. The dialogue was witty as always, lots of quotable bits, all the usual wonderful interaction we adore. But it wasn't making an impact, really, until the last scenes with Sam and Donna. Fantastic.

  • And really, overall, Sam's journey through this episode was compelling stuff. His resistance to talking about it with Leo, his inflated faith in the power of a clean shirt. The way Josh kept trying, rather unsuccessfully, to cheer him up. Lastly, his near-breakdown with Donna, and his subsequent decision to spare Steph an awful truth and to call his father, it was all good stuff, and a welcome insight re Sam Seaborn. Nice work from Rob Lowe.

  • I *adore* Don Henley and always have. Question: has TWW ever made use of a contemporary (and recognizable) piece of music before? Other than "The Jackal", and that was a different thing really. I guess what I'm asking is: has there been this kind of "soundtrack" in a previous episode? I can't think of one. It was effective, done sparingly.

  • What was with Josh's outfit? Not to be shallow, but I hated that whole dark turtleneck-like thing covered by a jacket. Not a good look for him, imho. Okay, that *was* shallow.

  • Which brings me to this week's installment of the 'Ship-O-Meter (tm). Well, there was a quick cute moment in the staff meeting when Josh sidled up to Donna and tried to read over her shoulder and she batted him away. Very junior high schoolish, but really quick. I also noticed the way Josh thanked Sam for helping Donna's friend. But you know, I'm really reaching here. There wasn't much of anything 'Ship-wise in this episode, honestly, so I'm giving it a 2.

  • My favorite bit of dialogue from this episode: CJ an Toby in the staff meeting, when she told him she'd negotiated for no cameras: CJ: You want to make out with me right now, don't you? Toby: Well, when don't I? It was charming. It was fun. No, it didn't make me suddenly see sparks with CJ and Toby, sorry to disappoint that strange bunch of you out there holding out hope where I truly think there is none. But I liked it because it was Toby showing admiration and appreciation for the job CJ did, a nice moment between the two of them given the recent events in "The Leadership Breakfast".

  • Speaking of Toby, though, I do love him when he's pissy. "I hate these people with the heat of a nova." I've *got* to remember that one, you know, when thinking of, oh, I don't know, co-workers, maybe.

  • Talk about a drop-in: that little bit with Bartlet and Leo near the end, talking about the presidential library. Huh. So it's not a done deal in Jed Bartlet's mind that he's running for re-election, I gather.

  • Me, being easily amused as usual: I was for some reason tickled by Special Agent "Casper". As in, The Friendly Ghost? Snicker. Hey, like I said, easily amused.

  • For pure amusement factor, though, I'd have to give this week's award to CJ's meeting with the cartographers. Though you know, they're right about Mercatur (sp? my spell check wants to change it to Decatur) maps. I have looked at Greenland on one of those, as a matter of fact. It's way huge.

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