Review of Ellie

Written by Toniann

  • To start off with something completely random: I can't honestly even say that "Deep Impact" was one of my favorite movies, but every time they said "Ellie" I kept thinking of the whole "E.L.E" homonym thing.

  • Head's up for new viewers: if you want to know what the infamous Danny Concannon (sp?) looks like, I hope you caught the "Previously..." scenes. Talk about phoning in a performance.

  • Okay, I snickered when Josh said something to Donna about being "out of here by nine PM on a Wednesday". I'm easily amused, obviously. I mean, I also chuckled at that ad for... come to think of it, I don't know what the ad was for, but right before the end of the show, the thing with the "Shred-A-Salad" thingees firing away.

  • If a plane carrying the President leaves Tokyo at midnight going however many thousand miles per hour, and another plane carrying the Queen of Sheba leaves Timbuktu at the same time... Now that was a great bit there-- I agree with Josh, the president traveling back in time is kind of cool.

  • Speaking of great bits, Sam coming around the corner to find Toby wearing that hat and bouncing that rubber ball thing... that was a nice moment. I love that they have this little communication code, where Sam knows Toby wants to say something to him when a rubber ball careens against the wall repeatedly. It's also fun to see Wired!Toby. (to borrow an X-Files name thing)

  • Don't you just love Mary Kay Place? Every time she turns up guest starring somewhere or other, I always think, why don't we see more of this woman, on a regular basis? Remember when she was on "My So-Called Life"? That is, if you remember "My So-Called Life" at all. You should, it was a great show.

  • "The Prince of New York", huh? All I kept thinking was, "I hope this doesn't get made into a big deal that's all Charlie's fault." Which it wasn't, really.

  • That subplot played out rather well, I thought. But before I forget, one thing puzzled me: Sam confronting Morgan Ross and telling him to never call the president a coward again, or he wouldn't just have to deal with CJ, he'd have Sam to deal with. Sam is scarier than CJ? I might be willing to debate that. I mean, she's the Enforcer. Not to mention the Jackal.

  • Cause frankly, I thought CJ was Cool As A Cucumber this episode. I love her when she's all sure of herself and tough, she was definitely the bomb this week. Then again, I love her when she's unsure and all over the place and insecure, too. Basically I just want to be her when I grow up, you know? - So now we can name the three Bartlet daughters, in order: Elizabeth (Liz) is the oldest and the one with kids, then Ellie (who is in med school at John Hopkins), then Zoey. Notice how everyone kept jumping to the conclusion that it was Zoey who'd talked to the press? And so, what, Ellie and Charlie have never met before, though he's dating her sister and for quite awhile now? That seems odd.

  • Sorry, I can't resist: around here it's fairly common to see some folks complain about Donna being just another ditzy blonde. Well, tonight she made a very good point about how in a free society you don't have to come up with a reason to make something legal, you need a reason to make it illegal. Yay, Donna! Yay, free society! Yay, marijua-- never mind.

  • And speaking of Donna: I've decided to test-run a weekly Josh-Donna 'Ship-O-Meter. Love it, hate it, it's actually completely immaterial to me, I'm doing it anyhow . Anyhow, as you all know, I'm firmly on the fence as to whether this pairing is such a good idea or not. Nevertheless, imho as of last week's episode it's out there as a possibility, just begging to be commented on. So, on a scale of one to ten on the 'Ship-O-Meter (1 being "were they even in this ep?" and 10 being "didn't you just love Donna's wedding dress?"), I give this episode a mere 3. There was banter between them but nothing out of the ordinary, and the only scene I personally could read anything into was the bit where they're whispering to each other at the movie-- though what they're whispering about is lacking even a hint of romance. On the other hand, though, what are they doing at the movie together, anyhow?

  • While we're keeping track of things... first it was Dodge Durango owners, then it was North Dakota. Now Toby callously abandons whitefish. The cad.

  • But, you know, it was nice to see Andy again. What great scenes between her and Toby, it opens up this whole other facet to his personality that is... pretty much like the rest of his personality. I liked when he ordered her to put the danish down. And she brought him pie!

  • And finally... well, knock me over with a feather, I didn't see the whole thing about Millicent Griffith being Ellie's godmother coming. I *had* guessed that in the end Bartlet wouldn't fire her or force her to resign, but the penultimate scene where he asks her if she put her goddaughter up to calling the press genuinely took me by surprise.

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