Quotes from Ellie

Josh: Those clocks should be in military time.
Sam: Yeah, 'cause that's less confusing.

C.J.: Leo wants me to show her support?
Josh: Yeah.
C.J.: Josh?
Josh: Yeah.
C.J.: While I'm showing her support, what are you showing her?
Josh: The door.

Griffith: You know, Josh, just because the white supremecists didn't kill you doesn't mean that crap you eat isn't gonna.
Josh: I eat fine.
Griffith: You eat like you're still in college.
Josh: I was in great shape in college.
Griffith: You were nineteen in college, you could eat Tupperware and your system would deal with it.

C.J.: I'm the enforcer, Sam. I'm gonna crush him, I'm gonna make him cry and then I'm gonna tell his mama about it.

Bartlet: When did this happen?
Leo: About six hours ago.
Bartlet: Why didn't you tell me six hours ago?
Leo: 'Cause I didn't want you crash-landing the plane.

Bartlet: Well, I got to hand it to you guys, you've pulled off a political first. You've managed to win me the support of the Christian Right and the Cheech and Chong fan club in the same day.

Toby: What's this note?
Sam: That note?
Toby: Yeah.
Sam: It says we should stand by the Surgeon General.
Toby: Actually, it says we should stand by the Sturgeon General.
Sam: Does it?
Toby: Yeah.
Sam: I meant Surgeon General.
Toby: Well, I think we should stand by her too. I just wanted to make sure we were agreed that smoked whitefish was pretty much on its own.
Sam: Yeah.

Margaret: Let me ask you this: red meat has been found to cause cancer in white rats. Marachino cherries have been found to cause cancer in white rats. Cellular phones have been found to cause cancer in white rats. Has anyone examined the possibility that cancer might be hereditary in white rats?
Griffith: Let me tell you something, I'm not a hundred percent sure we've ruled that out.

Bartlet: Retaliatory tariffs on steel imports are a disaster. Anyone wants to check my math, they're more than welcome to. Anyone wants to shove the Golden Gate Bridge up Japan's ass, they're more than welcome to do that too.

Bartlet: You know, we're coming up to the good part.
Ellie: Dad, people are trying to watch the movie.
Bartlet: You want to bet me your tuition no one in this room is gonna shush me?

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