Quotes from The Leadership Breakfast

Donna: We don't need some kind of permission for this?
Josh: No.
Donna: What about supervision? Shouldn't there be some official supervision?
Josh: We're making a fire in a fireplace. What kind of supervision do you want?
Donna: FEMA, The American Red Cross....

Josh: You want to stand them in a tripod, right?
Sam: Yeah, standing three sticks on end and slanting them to a common center.
Josh: Isn't that a tripod?
Sam: Yeah.
Josh: You just thought you'd say more words?
Sam: Yeah.

Josh: Could you possibly get us some dried leaves?
Donna: Yeah, I'll just run out to the forest and be right back.
Sam: You know what?
Josh: You think she's being sarcastic?
Sam: Yeah, I don't think she's getting the leaves.

Bartlet: What?
Charlie: Mr. President, you know how you told me not to wake you up unless the building was on fire?

Bartlet: Who was the idiot who set off the smoke alarm last night?
Josh: It sounds a lot like you're talking about Sam, Mr. President.
Sam: Were you inconvenienced, sir?
Bartlet: They had me on the Truman balcony for six minutes in my underwear.
Sam: Was it cold?
Bartlet: In January? No. Why do you ask?

Toby: If we all turn our attention to item five of the rules of bipartisan breakfast...
Leo: They're guidelines, you shouldn't be calling them rules.
Toby: Margaret, what does it say at the top of the memo?
Margaret: "Rules for bipartisan breakfast."
Leo: I keep meaning to fire you.
Margaret: Yeah.

Toby: Breakfast tomorrow?
Ann: What should I wear?
Toby: I don't give a damn.
Ann: I've heard different.

Sam: I don't do well with Karen.
Donna: Why?
Sam: I get nervous.
Donna: What happens?
Sam: I become unimpressive.
Donna: In what way?
Sam: In many ways.
Donna: You don't fall down, do you?
Sam: When?
Donna: With Karen.
Sam: Once.

Ann: Toby, what have I done to make you think I'm scared of you?

Leo: It was a breakfast. It was a damn photo opportunity! The year is one week old, the legislative session hasn't begun and we can't put a forkful of waffles in our mouth without coughing up the ball.

Toby: We can't be passive and the high road doesn't go where we need it to. Be cool, be funny, smack them down hard.

Josh: You had a lot of opportunities today to say I told you so, score some points with Leo. You're a class act.
C.J.: Why were you holding women's underwear before?
Josh: Never really needed a reason.

Toby: Leo, Ann Stark's a war time consigliere, that's why she was bumped up.
Leo: I'm a war time consigliere too, Toby.
Toby: Yeah.
Leo: I was just hoping it'd be peace time a little longer.
Toby: Yeah.
Leo: Son of a bitch.
Toby: Yeah.
Leo: Shake my hand. We just formed it.
Toby: Formed what?
Leo: The committee to re-elect the president.

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