Quotes from Noel

Josh: Dr. Keyworth, I'm the Deputy White House Chief of Staff. I oversee 1,100 White House employees. I answer directly to Leo McG and the pres of the United States. Did you think you were talking to the paperboy?
Keyworth: No.
Josh: In your wild dreams did you imagine that I would walk into this room without knowing exactly who you are and what you do?
Keyworth: No.
Josh: Then why did you lie to me right off the bat?

Josh: Stanley, you got off to a bad start.
Keyworth: Yes, I did.
Josh: Yes, you did.
Keyworth: Let's start again.
Josh: You won't lie to me this time?
Keyworth: No. You gonna lie to me?
Josh: Haven't yet.
Keyworth: Really?
Josh: Yeah.
Keyworth: How did you cut your hand? You're not talking to the paperboy either, Josh.

Toby: You like 'em?
Josh: No.
Toby: Why?
Josh: 'Cause this isn't the Paramus Mall.

C.J.: How are you doing, Bernard?
Bernard: I'm not at all well.
C.J.: That's not at all unusual, is it?
Bernard: No.

Bernard: C.J., your neckace is a monument to bourgeois taste.

Charlie: You send a Christmas card to everyone who writes a letter to the White House.
Bartlet: I do?
Charlie: Yes, sir. And somewhere around a million people wrote you letters this year.
Bartlet: Okay, but some of those were death threats.
Charlie: They weed those out.

Keyworth: I swear, I am completely unimpressed with clever answers.
Josh: And I was so hoping we'd have a second date.

C.J.: We contacted the French...
Bernard: ...who promptly surrendered.

C.J.: You see, you tried very hard to be mean but then you see that being nice is better.
Bernard: You're a freakishly tall woman.
C.J.: So, that moment's over.
Bernard: Yes.

Keyworth: You have post-traumatic stress disorder.
Josh: Well, that doesn't really sound like something they let you have when you work for the president. So, can we have it be something else?

Josh: I broke a window.
Keyworth: Yeah, stop doing that.

Keyworth: At this moment, in your head, music is the same thing as...
Josh: ...as sirens.

Leo to Josh: As long as I got a job, you got a job. You understand?

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