Season 2, Episode 19: Bad Moon Rising

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Aired: Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Rating: 11.9/19


Review by Toniann

Teleplay by Aaron Sorkin
Story by Felicia Willson
Directed by Bill Johnson

Special guest stars
Oliver Platt as Oliver Babish
Emily Procter as Ainsley Hayes
Guest starring
Jacqueline Kim as Lieutenant Emily
Robert Curtis Brown
Kathryn Joosten as Mrs. Landingham
NiCole Robinson as Margaret
Scott Lawrence
Michael Mantell
Guest starring
Eric Stonestreet as staffer #1
Scott Atkinson as staffer #2
Jossie Harris Thacker as staffer #3
Melissa Fitzgerald as Carol
Kim Webster as Ginger
Devika Parikh as Bonnie
William Duffy as Larry
Peter James Smith as Ed
David Ackert as Babish staffer
Tracy Beaulieu as Cal
Charles Noland as Steve
Kris Murphy as Katie
Randolph Brooks as Arthur
Timothy Davis-Reed as Mark
Shishir Kurup as Zach
Featured music
"Air on a G String" (in Ainsley's office)

The sixteen people who know, other than Bartlet himself, are: his wife, three daughters, six original doctors and radiologists, his brother, Fitzwallace, the vice-president, Leo, the anaesthesiologist at GW (due to the shooting), and Toby. And, of course, then there are Oliver and Charlie.

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